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Development Section


Development Section has a forward-looking remit and is principally concerned with analysing Australia’s air power and the potential implications of changes in the strategic security environment.  In order to provide the RAAF with appropriate strategic inputs, Development Section conducts or sponsors studies, into future military scenarios with an emphasis on air power.  These studies are aimed at analysing the integration of air and space power within a national effects based approach to Australian national security and they are designed to ensure that RAAF air and space power remains relevant, appropriate and responsive to Australia’s security needs both now and into the foreseeable future.

The purpose of these studies is to support Development Section’s production of APDC’s Strategic Air Power Review.  This review aims to inform Air Force’s senior leadership team through the production of tailored papers, briefing and presentations.  Typically, these reviews involve a one-to-two year thematic cycle of analysis, concept development, guided research, and engagement with selected air power agencies.  The focus of this process is on emergent air power issues, doctrine, concepts and technology.

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