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 Notes for Authors

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Publishing with the Air Power Development Centre

Information for Authors

The Air Power Development Centre (APDC) welcomes requests from authors to publish their work – either manuscripts already completed or proposals for books that are still in the development stage. Any author thinking of making such a request should be aware of the following:

• APDC is an organization for the study and analysis of air power, and is not primarily a 
  publishing house

• APDC will consider publishing works that foster understanding and debate about air
  power doctrine and strategy, and the history of the RAAF

• APDC reserves the right to edit any manuscript submitted for publication for both style
  and content

• APDC cannot pay royalties to authors

• Copyright must be vested in the Commonwealth of Australia

• APDC publishes primarily for a RAAF and Defence readership, and while its books are
   made available for commercial distribution, these are not actively marketed

We are happy to discuss if your project would fit within our program and suggest that you contact us at the earliest practical stage.
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