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Air Power Development Centre Education

Primary Roles

The APDC Education Section has four primary roles: 

  • Manage and conduct air power education that complements PMET.
  • Provide content advice on the air power elements of PMET.
  • Monitor and advise on the delivery of air power education throughout Air Force.
  • Support Defence and Air Force international engagement objectives by producing air power education to overseas students, organisations and institutions.

The Education Section also provides administrative support to the CAF Fellow and, when undertaken by an Air Force member, the CDF Fellow.

The air power education opportunities managed and conducted by the APDC Education section are:


Professional Mastery

Air Power is a component of professional mastery as outlined in the Air Power Manual and the CAF Leadership Companion. It is the responsibility of all air power practitioners to develop their air power mastery as expressed in priority three of the Commander's Intent.

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