Air Marshals


BINSKIN, Mark Donald, AO 2010 (AM 1989); b. 20 Mar. 1960 Sydney; educ. Hurlstone Agric. High Sch; joined RAN in 1978, undertook flying trg; flew A-4G Skyhawks with VC724 and VF805 Sqns; on exchange with RAAF to fly Mirages from 1982, then transferred to RAAF 1984; flew at 2 OCU; trained with US Navy on F/A-18s, and served with USAF as instr. on F-16Cs; flew with 75 Sqn at Tindal, NT; CO 77 Sqn 1998-99; Dep. Dir. Airspace Control in HQ ADF; SO to CDF; OC, AEW&C Systems Program Office in DMO; Chief of Staff at HQ Aust. Theatre during 2003 Iraq War, then Dir. of US Central Air Force Combined Air and Space Ops Centre during Ops Catalyst and Slipper (received Commendation for Distinguished Service); Comdr. Air Combat Gp 2004-05; Dir-Gen. Capability Planning in AFHQ 2006-07; Air Comdr. Aust. 2007-08; CAF 2008-11, VCDF 2011 

BROWN, Geoffrey Charles, AO 2012, AM 2003; b. 1 Aug. 1958 Clermont, Qld; joined RAAF 1980 after completing B.E. degree; grad. 111 Pilots Crse 1981, posted to 12 Sqn, Amberley (Chinook helos); Flying Instr at 2FTS Pearce 1985-86; Instr CFS East Sale 1986 (member Roulettes aerobatics team); converted to F/A-18 Hornet at Williamtown 1990; Flt Comdr 75 Sqn Tindal, NT, 1991-93; Exec. Offr 77 Sqn 1993; completed RAAF Staff Coll. 1995; SO Op. Eval. at HQ Air Comd; CO 3 Sqn 1997-2000; OC 82 Wg 2000-03; Comdr. Jt. Task Gp 633.4 during Op Falconer (awarded US Legion of Merit); OC AEW&C Systems Program Office 2003-04; Comdr, Air Combat Gp 2006; Dir-Gen. Capability Planning, AFHQ 2007-08; DCAF 2008-11, CAF 2011- 

EVANS, Selwyn David, AC 1984 (AO 1981) DSO 1969 AFC 1957; b. 3 Jun. 1925 Paddington, NSW; educ. Marist Bros. Coll., Mosman; joined RAAF June 1943, grad. pilot 1944; flew with 38 Sqn on Islands-Japan courier service 1945-48; pilot with RAAF Sqn in Berlin Airlift 1948-49; exchange duty RNZAF 1951-53; Flight Capt of Gov-Gen's Flight 1954-56; attended RAAF Staff Coll. 1957; Pers Staff Offr to Min. for Air 1958-60; Flt Comd 2 Sqn Butterworth 1960-62; attended RAF Coll. of Air Warfare; Asst Air Attache Washington 1965-67; CO 2 Sqn Vietnam 1967-68; Dir. of Air Force Plans 1969-71; attended Royal Coll. of Def. Studies London 1972; Dir-Gen. Plans & Policy 1973-74; OC RAAF Amberley, Qld, 1975-77; Chief of Air Force Ops 1977-80 (temp. DCAS 1978); Chief of Joint Ops, Dept. of Def., 1980-82; CAS 1982-85 (retd.); consultant on defence & aviation matters; adviser, BAE Systems (formerly Brit. Aerospace Aust.) 1997-2009; Chairman, Nat. Capital Authority, ACT, 1997-

FISHER, Leslie Bruce, AO 1993 (AM 1988); b.16 Jun.1941 Parkes, NSW; educ. Parkes High Sch; joined RAAF 1960, completed navig. trg 1961 and pilot trg 1965; maritime pilot, served with 10 & 11 Sqns; Maritime Staff Offr, HQ Op. Comd; exchange duty with US Navy 1976-79, posted to Moffett Field, Calif.; attended Joint Services Staff Coll. 1982; Dir. Joint Planning, HQ ADF, 1982-86; OC RAAF Base Townsville 1986-87; Comdr, Tactical Transport Gp 1987; Comdr, Maritime Patrol Gp 198790; Comdt, Aust Def. Warfare Centre 1990-91; prom. AVM and apptd Asst CDF (Ops), HQ ADF, 1991-93; DCAS 1993-94; CAS 1994-98 (renamed Chief of Air Force 1997) (retd.); Dep. Chairman, Airservices Aust. 2001-

FUNNELL, Raymond George, AC 1989 (AO 1985), Comdr US Legion of Merit (1991); b. 1 Mar. 1935 Brisb, Qld; educ. Brisb State High Sch; enlisted in RAAF as air cadet 1953, grad. from RAAF Coll., Pt.Cook, 1956; flew Sabres at Williamtown, Butterworth, Ubon and Labuan (CO 79 Sqn, Ubon, Thailand, 1966); instr on Vampires at 1AFTS at Pearce, WA; grad. RAAF Staff Coll.; filled Pers staff apptmts with RAAF and US Air Force 1968-71, and in US attended Air War Coll. (gained M.Pol.Sc. from Auburn Univ.); CO 6 Sqn Amberley, Qld, 1972-75; Head, Mil. Planning Staff, ADFA Project 1975-78; Chief of Staff, HQ Op. Comd. 1979-89; Royal Coll. of Def. Studies London 1981; DirGen. Mil. Staff Br, Dept. of Def., 1982-83; prom. AVM and apptd Chief of Air Force Ops & Plans 1983-85; ACDF (Policy) 1985-86; prom. AM and apptd VCDF 1986-87; CAS 1987-92 (retd.); Dir. Nat. Def. Coll. proj. 1993; Principal, Aust. Coll. of Def. & Strat. Studies 1994-98; consultant 1999-

GRATION, Ian Barrington, AO 1988 AFC 1970; b. 30 Jun. 1936 Melb; educ. Scotch Coll.; enlisted in RAAF as air cadet 1953, grad. from RAAF Coll., Pt.Cook, 1956; flew with 10 Sqn Townsville, Qld, 1957-59; instr Joint Anti-Sub Sch 1959-62; instr 1 AFTS at Pearce, WA, 1962-65; gained B.Com. from Qld Univ. 1965; pilot 38 Sqn at Richmond, NSW, 1965-66; Trg Offr with 34 (VIP) Sqn at Fairbairn, ACT, 1966-69; grad. RAAF Staff Coll. 1970; staff offr in Dept. of Air 1970-71; CO RAAF Support Unit at Tengah, Singapore, 1971-73; staff of Dir. of Pers (Offrs) 1973-75; attended Joint Services Staff Coll. 1975; OC RAAF Base Fairbairn 1975-76; Dir. Air Force Ops 1976-80; OC RAAF Base Richmond 1980-81; attended Royal Coll. Def. Studies, London, 1982; DirGen. Joint Ops & Plans, HQ ADF 1982-85; prom. AVM and apptd Chief of Air Force Pers 1985-87; Head Aust. Def. Staff Washington 1987-90; Air Comdr Aust. 1990-92; CAS 1992-94 (retd.)

HANCOCK, Sir Valston Eldridge, KBE 1962 (CBE 1953, OBE 1942) CB 1959 DFC 1945; b. 31 May 1907 Perth, WA; educ. Hale Sch, Perth; cadet at RMC Duntroon 1925-28, transferred to RAAF 1929; served with 1 Sqn and 3 Sqn; Dep. Dir. Ops & Int 1931-35; SO to CAS 1935-36; attended RAF Staff Coll. 1936; Dir. Works & Buildings, Air Force HQ, 1937-39; CO 1 Bombing & Gunnery Sch 194041; Dir. Plans Air Force HQ 1942; Asst Dir. Plans Allied Air HQ 1942, Dir. Plans 1942-43; Staff Offr Admin. W Area 1943-44; CO 100 Sqn, then 71 Wg, New Guinea 1945; Dir. Postings 1945-46; Dir. Pers. Services 1946; Dir. Air Staff Plans & Policy 1946-47; Comdt RAAF Coll. 1947-49; attended Imperial Def. Coll.. London, 1950; DCAS 1951-52; Air Member for Pers 1953-54; Head Aust. Joint Services Staff London 1955-57; AOC RAAF Malaya 1957 and AOC 224 Gp, RAF, 1957-59; AOC Op Comd 1959-61, CAS 1961-65 (retd.); d. 29 Sep. 1998 Perth

HANNAH, Sir Colin Thomas, KCMG 1972 KCVO 1977 KBE 1971 (CBE 1954) CB 1959; b. 22 Dec. 1914 Menzies, WA; educ. Hale Sch, Perth, WA; joined RAAF as air cadet 1935, grad. as pilot 1936; served in 22 Sqn 1936-37, 23 Sqn 1937-39, 1 FTS 1939; armament trg in UK 1939-40; Dep.Dir. of Armament, Air Force HQ 1941-43; CO 6 Sqn & 71 Wg New Guinea 1943-44; SASO HQ W Area 1944 (OC 194546); SASO RAAF Overseas HQ London 1947-49; CO RAAF Amberley, Qld, 1949 (T/CO 82 Wg 1950-51); Dir. of Pers. Services 1951 and Dir-Gen. Pers. 195254; attended Imp. Def. Coll., London, 1955; SASO RAAF Element HQ Far East Air Forces, Singapore 1956-59; Dir-Gen. Plans & Policy 1959-61; prom. AVM and apptd DCAS 1961-65; AOC Op. Comd 1965-67; AOC Support Comd 1967-70; CAS 1970-72 (retd.); Gov. of Qld 1972-77; d. 22 May 1978 Surfers Paradise, Qld.

HARVEY, John Paul, AM 2008; b. 4 Sep. 1954 Syd.; joined RAAF 1977, after completing Architecture degree at UNSW; undertook Nav. trg at E. Sale, Vic.; posted to Amberley, Qld, for 4-year tour on Canberra aircraft; Escort Offr. to Min. for Def.; converted onto F-111, spent 3-year flying tour; completed RAF Aero systems crse, ret. to Aust. for 3-year posting in Tech. Int. at JIO; posted to US as Flt Test Dir. of F-111 Avionics Update Proj.; on return, apptd. Air Warfare Adviser in Force Dev. Analysis Div., Dept of Def.; on 1-year exchange with NZ Min. of Def.; Visiting Fellow at SDSC, Aust. Nat. Univ.; Dir., Air Power Studies Centre; Def. Attache for S. Europe; Dep. Dir. at Aust. Def. Coll.; Dir. Mil. Strat. at Aust. Def. HQ; Dir-Gen. Aerospace Development; Dir-Gen. New Air Combat Capability, 2002; Program Mgr., New Air Combat Capability, DMO, 2006-10; Chief Capability Devel. Gp 2010-11

JONES, Sir George, KBE 1953 (CBE 1942) CB 1943 DFC 1918; b. 22 Nov. 1896 Rushworth, Vic; educ. Rushworth Public Sch; served during World War I in AIF (Gallipoli, Egypt) & AFC (1 & 4 Sqns, in Palestine, France & Germany), air ace (7 enemy aircraft downed), awarded MID; joined RAAF 1921, initially in charge of Workshops at Pt. Cook; grad. RAF Staff Coll. 1929, attended flying instr course CFS Wittering 1930; CFI at FTS Pt. Cook 1930-32; Dir. of Trg Air Force HQ 1932-36; Dir. of Pers. Services 1936-39; Asst CAS 1939-40; Dir. of Trg 1940-42; CAS 1942-52 (prom. AM 1948); retd. 1952; Dir. of Co-ord., Commonwealth Aircraft Corp. 1952-57; Dir., Ansett Transport Ind. 1952-71; d. 24 Aug. 1992 Mentone, Vic

McCAULEY, Sir John Patrick Joseph, KBE 1955 (CBE 1943) CB 1951; b. 18 Mar. 1899 Syd.; educ. St. Joseph's Coll. Syd.; cadet at RMC Duntroon 1916-19, served Aust. Staff Corps, Perm. Mil. Forces, 1919-23; transferred to RAAF 1924; completed courses at RAF Sch of Armament & Gunnery UK 1925-27; attended RAF Staff Coll. 1932, followed by other trg (incl. flying instr course) 1933; Dep. Dir. Trg 1933-36, studied at Melb Univ. (B.Com., 1936), made Dir. of Trg 1936-38; Staff Offr Air Laverton 1938; Offr i/c cadet trg Pt. Cook & CFI; Air Force HQ, LO to Sec., Dept. of Def.. 1939; CO Engr Sch Ascot Vale, Vic; CO RAAF Malaya & OC RAF Stn Sembawang 1941-42; DCAS 1942-44; ACdre Ops, 2nd Tactical Air Force, Europe, 1944-45, 1st TAF RAF in France and Germany 1945; DCAS 1946-47; Chief of Staff BCOF Japan 1947-49; AOC E Area 1949-54; CAS 1954-57 (retd.); Fed. Pres. Air Force Assoc. 1964-74; d. 3 Feb. 1989 Syd.

McCORMACK, Errol John, AO 1998 (AM 1993); b. 30 Aug. 1941 Bundaberg, Qld; educ. Bundaberg State High Sch; joined RAAF as aircrew cadet 1962, completed flying trg and commissioned 1963; served with 3 & 79 Sqns in Malaysia & Thailand 1964-66, with 2 Sqn in Vietnam 1967; with 82 Wg 1967-69 (incl. conversion trg onto F111 in US 1968); on exch to USAF, flew RF4Cs with 363 Tac Recon Wg at Shaw AFB, S. Carolina, 1970-72; Staff Offr for Op. Requirements (Recon.), Air Force Office 1972-75; grad. RAAF Staff Coll. 1976, then joined Dir. Staff 1976-77; CO 1 Sqn 1977-79; grad. Joint Services Staff Coll. 1980, then joined Dir. Staff 1981-83; Pers Staff Offr to AOC Op. Comd. 1983-84; Ops Offr, Op. Comd. 1984-86; OC 82 Wg Amberley, Qld, 1987-88; Dir-Gen. Op. Requirements, Air Force 1989-90; Dir-Gen. Force Development (Air), HQ ADF 1990-92; Air Attache Washington 1993-94; Comdr IADS, Malaysia, 1995-97; DCAS 1997-98; CAF 1998-2001 (retd.)

MURDOCH, Sir Alister Murray, KBE 1966 (CBE 1946) CB 1960; b. 9 Dec. 1912 EIsternwick, Vic; educ. Caufield Grammar Sch, Vic; cadet at RMC Duntroon 1929-30, transferred to RAAF; qual. pilot 1931; trained on seaplanes, sent to Antartica 1935 on mission to rescue Lincoln Ellsworth; undertook long nav. course at RAF Manston, UK, and attached to 114 Sqn RAF 1936-37; posted Dir. of Ops & Int 1938-39; CO 1 Air Observers Sch Cootamundra, NSW, 1939-41; CO 221 Sqn RAF Iceland 1941-42; Staff Offr Ops 235 Wg RAF Middle East 1942; attached RAAF Overseas HQ London while working with UK Combined Ops on Dieppe Raid 1942; SASO HQE Area 1943-44, HQ NW Area 1944-45, and 1st TAF Morotai 1945 (MID); Dir. of Postings 1945-46 and Dir. of Pers. Services 1946-47; attended Imp. Def. Coll. 1948; Dir. Air Staff Plans & Policy 1949-52; AOC RAAF Pt. Cook and Comdt RAAF Coll. 1952-53; as Acting AVM became AOC S Area (Trg Comd) 1953-56; Dep. Sec. (Mil.), Dept. of Def. 1956-58 (confirmed as AVM Jun. 1957); DCAS 1958-59; Head Aust. Joint Services Staff, London, 1959-62; AOC Op. Comd 1962-65; CAS 1965-69 (retd.); d. 29 Nov. 1984 NSW

NEWHAM, John William, AC 1986 (AO 1984); b. 30 Nov. 1930 Cowra, NSW; educ. Cowra High Sch; enlisted in RAAF 1951 and grad. as Sgt pilot at Pt.Cook 1952; served with 77 Sqn Korea 1953, 78 Wg Malta 1953-55 (comm. as P/O 1953), 3 Sqn Malaya 1958-60; CFI 2 OCU (T/CO 1965-66); CO 3 Sqn 1967-68; CO Aircraft R&D Unit 1971; OC RAAF Laverton 1972; OC 82 Wg 1973-74; SO Ops HQ Op. Comd 1975, SASO 1976-77; attended Royal Coll. Def. Studies 1978; Dir-Gen. of Op. Requirements 1979; Chief of Air Force Ops 1980-81; Head Aust. Defence Staff Washington 1982-83; DCAS 1984-85; CAS 1985-87 (retd.); Dir. Helitech Industries

READ, Sir Charles Frederick, KBE 1976 (CBE 1964) CB 1972 DFC 1943 AFC 1960; b. 9 Oct. 1918 Syd., NSW; educ. Syd. C of E Gram. Sch.; joined RAAF as air cadet at Pt.Cook 1937, grad. as pilot Jun. 1938; flew with 3 Sqn and 22 Sqn 1938-40; served in WWII (30 Sqn, CO 31 Sqn 1942-43, 1 SFTS 1943-44, 77 Wg HQ 1944-45, Senior Offr Admin. HQ 1st TAF 1945-46, awarded MID 1944); SO Trg HQ S Area 1946; CO 1FTS Uranquinty, NSW, 1946; CO & CFI 1 FTS Pt.Cook 1947; duty in UK 1949-52 (CO 24 (Cwlth) Sqn); CO CFS East Sale, Vic, 1952-53; SO Air Trg, HQ Trg Comd 1953-55 and SASO 1955-57; CO 82 Wg 1957-60; Dir. Ops., Dept. of Air 196064; attended Imp. Def. Coll., London, 1965; Comdt RAAF Academy, Pt.Cook 1966-68; OC RAAF Richmond, NSW, 1968-69; prom. AVM and apptd DCAS 1970-72; CAS 1972-75 (retd.)

RIDING, Douglas John Stuart, AO 2000 (AM 1991) DFC 1970; b. 6 May 1943 Burwood, NSW; educ. Manly Boys High Sch; joined RAAF 1962; grad. as pilot 1963; served Butterworth, Malaysia and Ubon, Thailand 1965-67; 76 Sqn Williamtown, NSW, 1967-69; FAC with USAF Vietnam 1969; Asst Air Attache, Washington 1981-84; Dir., Materiel Definition 1985-87; OC RAAF Base E. Sale 1987-90; Dir-Gen. Programs & Resource Management, Dept. of Def. 1990-93; Dir-Gen. Def. Force Plans & Programs (Def.) 1994-95; Asst Chief of Air Staff (Materiel) 1995-97; Head, Systems Acquisition (Aerospace) 1997-98; prom. AM and VCDF 1998-2000 (retd.); Dir., BAE Systems Aust. Holdings Pty. Ltd. 2000-

ROWLAND, Sir James Anthony, AC 1987 KBE 1977 DFC 1945 AFC 1955; b. 1 Nov. 1922 Armidale, NSW; educ. Cranbrook Sch., Syd, and St.Paul's Coll., Syd Univ.; still engr student when enlisted in RAAF under EATS in 1942; comm. Jul. 1943, Master Bomber 1944; served as pilot with RAF Bomber Comd, in 635 Sqn (Pathfinder Force) until forced to parachute from his Lancaster after it collided with a Canadian bomber over a target near Frankfurt, Germany, and became POW Jan. 1945; demob. Nov. 1945 but rejoined RAAF in 1947 after completing his BE (Aero) studies; completed Empire Test Pilots Course 1949, became chief test pilot at RAAF's Aircraft R&D Unit, Laverton, 1952 (OC Aircraft R&D 1958); member Mirage Mission to France 1961-64; CO 3AD, Amberley, 1967; Senior Engr Offr HQ Op. Comd 1969; attended Royal Coll. Def. Studies, London, 1971; DirGen. of Aircraft Engr 1972; prom. AVM and apptd Air Member for Tech. Services 1972; CAS 1975-79 (retd.); Gov. of NSW 1981-89; Chancellor of Syd. Univ. 1990-91; Chairman, Aerospace Foundation of Australia 1992- ; d. 27 May 1999 Syd.

SHEPHERD, Geoffrey David, AO 2006 (AM 2000); b. 24 Jan. 1952 Brisb.; educ. Brisb. State High Sch.; entered RAAF Academy 1971, grad. BSc. 1974; trained as pilot; flew with 3 Sqn (Mirages) at Butterworth, Malaysia, 1977-79; 1 Sqn (F-111s), Amberley, 1980-81; flying instr. on CT4s at 1 Flying Sch., Pt.Cook, 1982-84; Trg. Flt. Comdr. 6 Sqn (F-111s) 1984-87; Asst. Def. Adviser, Aust. High Comm. Singapore, 1988-90; CO 6 Sqn 1991-93; attended Jt. Svces Staff Coll. 1993; Dep. Dir. Capabilities Analysis, HQ ADF 1994-95; OC 82 Wg (F-111s) 1995-98; Chief of Staff, HQ Air Comd, 1998-2001; Dir-Gen. Ops, Def. Signals Div., 2001-02; Dir-Gen. Joint Ops & Plans, Strat. Ops. Div., Dept. of Def. 2002-03; Air Comdr. Aust. 2003-05; CAF 2005-08 (retd.)

WILLIAMS, Sir Richard, KBE 1954 (CBE 1927, OBE 1919) CB 1935 DSO 1917; b. 3 Aug. 1890 Moonta, SA; educ. Moonta Public Sch; Lt in Admin. & Instr Staff of Perm. Mil. Forces 1912-16; served with AFC in Palestine 1916-18 (CO 1 Sqn AFC; Comd 40th (Army) Wg RAF), twice MID and awarded Order of El Nahda (Hejaz) 1920; senior offr (in rank of Wg Cdr) on formation of RAAF 1921; CAS 1922-39 (prom. AVM 1935); attended Brit. Army Staff Coll. and RAF Staff Coll. 1923, Imp. Def. Coll. London 1933; Air Offr i/c Admin., RAF Coastal Comd., 1939; Air Member for Org and Eqpt RAAF 1940-41 (with temp. rank of AM); AOC RAAF Overseas HQ London 1941-42; RAAF Rep. Washington 1942-46 (retd.); Dir-Gen. Civil Aviation 1946-55; d. 7 Feb. 1980 Kew, Vic
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