Air Vice-Marshals 



LAW, Russell Noel; b. 26 Jul. 1928 Ryde, NSW; educ. Syd. Boys High Sch; aircrew trainee Pt. Cook 1950; Sgt pilot 1951, commissioned 1953; served as sqn pilot 1951-56 (incl. with 36 Sqn Japan, Korea 1953); attended Test Pilot Course UK 1957-60, then test pilot at Aircraft R&D Unit Laverton and 3 AD 1960-63; served in Directorate of Flying Safety, Dept. of Air 1963-65; attended RAAF Staff Coll. 1966; CO 11 Sqn Richmond, NSW, 1967-70; Asst Dir. Aircraft Requirements (Maritime) 1970-71; on Dir. & Planning Staff of RAAF Staff Coll. 1972-73; CO Aircraft R&D Unit Laverton 1974-75; OC RAAF Laverton 1975-78; Senior Trg & Air Staff Offr HQ Support Comd 1978-81; OC RAAF Base Edinburgh and Senior Air Force Offr for SA 1981; AOC Op. Comd & Senior Air Force Offr for NSW 1981-84 (retd.)

LESSELS, John Douglas Gordon, OBE 1963; b. 14 Dec. 1930 Melb.; educ. Scotch Coll. Melb. and Melb. Univ. (BCE); member Melb. Univ. Sqn CAF 1951-53; joined Perm. Air Force 1953; Works Offr 5 ACS Williamtown and OTS Rathmines, NSW, 1954, 2 ACS Momote, PNG, 1954-56 and Butterworth, Malaya, 1956-58; Senior Works Offr 2 ACS East Sale, Vic, 1958-61 and 5 ACS Darwin 1961-62; OIC Construction RAAF Ubon, Thailand, 1962; grad. RAAF Staff Coll. 1966; CO 5 ACS at RAAF bases Amberley, Qld, and Learmonth, WA, 1971-73; Dir-Gen. Facilities Air Force, Dept. of Def. 1973-84; Dir-Gen. Natural Disasters Org. 1984-87 (retd.); Consulting Engr and Dir. John Lessels & Assocs. 1987- ; d. 13 Dec. 1999 Canb.

LUDWIG, Warren James, AM 1990; b. 5 Dec. 1960 Brisb.; educ. Townsville; joined RAAF 1979, grad. from Nav. trg 1980; posted to 10 Sqn, Edinburgh, 1980-88; instr. 292 Sqn 1988-89; AFLO at Naval Air Warfare Centre at Warminster, Penn., US, 1990-92; on staff, AP-3C Proj. Office, Canb., 1993-94; grad. RAAF Comd & Staff Crse 1995; AP-3C Proj. Mgr. 1996-98; CO 10 Sqn, 1999-2001; Dep. Dir. Offensive Ops at AFHQ, then Dir. Combat Capability Management; OC 92 Wg, Edinburgh, 2004-05; attended CDSS Crse 2006; Comdr Surveillance. & Response Gp, Williamtown, 2007-09; Dep. Comdr/Chief of Staff HQ JTF 633 in MEAO, 2009-10; Dir-Gen. ISR, AFHQ, May-Nov. 2010; Comdr IADS, Malaysia, 2010-

MACKINOLTY, George John William, OBE 1937; b. 24 Mar. 1895 Leongatha, Vic; joined AFC as air mechanic Aug. 1914; served WWI (30 Sqn RFC 1915-16, 2 Sqn AFC 1916-17, 5 Trg Sqn AFC 1917, 1st Wg AFC 1918-19), MID 1916 and comm. 2Lt in Mar. 1918; apptd to RAAF as F/O 1921, served 1 AD; Air Force HQ 1924; 3 Sqn 1925; Dir. of Tpt & Eqpt at Air Force HQ 1929-35; Dir. of Eqpt 1935-40; Dir. of Supply 1940-41; Dir. of Eqpt 1941-42; Air Member for Supply & Eqpt 1942-51 (prom. AVM 1948); Hon. Treasurer Fed. Exec. RSL 1951; d. 24 Feb. 1951 in RAAF Hosp. Laverton, Vic.

McLACHLAN, Ian Dugald, CB 1966 CBE 1954 DFC 1941; b. 23 Ju1. 1911 Melb; educ. Melb High Sch; cadet at RMC Duntroon 1928-30, transferred to RAAF and completed flying trg 1931, commissioned 1932; instr and flying duties 1932-36; member King George VI Coronation contingent 1937; served World War II as CO 3 Sqn Middle East 1940-41, CO RAF Stn Benina 1941, CO RAAF Stns Canberra & Laverton 1942, CO 78 (Fighter) Wg New Guinea 1943, SASO 9 (Op) Gp, New Guinea, 1943; CO 81 (Fighter) Wg, New Guinea, 1945; SASO BCAir Japan 1946; attended Imperial Defence Coll. London 1954, then Dir. Flying Trg RAF at Air Ministry UK 1955-56; prom. AVM and apptd AOC Trg Comd 1957-59; DCAS 1959-61; Head Aust. Joint Services Staff and Attache (Def. Adviser) Washington 1962-63; Air Member for Supply & Eqpt 1964-68 (retd.); Consultant for US Northrop Corp. 1968- ; Chairman Information Electronics Ltd.; d. 14 Ju1. 1991 Syd.

McLENNAN, Roxley Kenneth, AO 2006 (AM 2000); b. 4 Aug. 1950 Hobart, Tas; grad. RAAF Acad. 1971; completed pilot trg. & posted to 36 Sqn (C130 Hercules); qual. CFS as flying instr. 1977; on loan to RMAF 1978; served 37 Sqn 1980-83; grad. USAF Institute of Tech. 1984; CO 37 Sqn 1987-89; attended Jt. Svces Staff Coll. 1991; Comdr Op. Support Gp 1992; Air Adviser, Aust. High Comm. London 1993-97; grad. Aust. Coll. Def. & Strat. Studies; Dir-Gen. Pol. & Planning-AF 1997; Comdr Air Lift Gp 1998 (incl. as Combined Air Component Comdr. & Comdr. Aust. Forces East Timor); Dir-Gen. Career Management Policy, Def. Pers. Exec.; acting Head, Def. Pers. Exec. 2002; Comdr IADS 2002-04; DCAF 2004-05 (retd.); Nat. Pres., RAAF Assoc. 2004-

MARSH, Anthony Howard, CBE 1962; b. 13 Ju1. 1915 Newcastle, England; family arr. NZ 1926; educ. Takapuna Gram. Sch., Auckland Univ. and Otago Medical School (MB, ChB) before joining RNZAF; served S-W Pacific Area and S-E Asia; Dir. of Medical Services RNZAF and Princ. Med. Offr Civil Aviation 1945-66; served with RAF 1966-67; Dir-Gen. Medical Services RAAF 1967-71; retd. Jan. 1971; Med. Offr with Dept. of Health 1971- ; Forensic-Med. Offr Aust. Fed. Police 1976- , Dir. of Med. Services Aust. Fed. Police; d. 15 May 1994 Canb.

MILLER, Michael Douglas, AO 1989; b. 30 Sep. 1935 Brisb., Qld; educ. C of E Gram. Sch. and Qld Univ. (MB, BS 1959); comm. 1968; Med. Offr, Base Sqn, Amberley, Qld; Surg. Registrar 3 RAAF Hosp., Richmond, NSW; Senior Med. Offr Vung Tau Vietnam 1970-71; Obstn 4 RAAF Hosp Malaysia 1972-73, CO 1973-75; staff offr in Dir-Gen. Air Force Health Services 1975-77; Chief of Flight Medicine HQ USAF Tac. Air Comd at Langley AFB 1977-79; PMO HQ Support Comd 1980-82; Dir. Med. Plans Air Force, Dept. of Def. 1982-84; Dep. Dir-Gen. Air Force Health Services 1984-87; Dir-Gen. Air Force Health Services 1987-90; Surg-Gen. ADF 1990-92 (retd.); Member, Admin. Appeals Tribunal (Fed.) 1995-

MOLLER, Graeme David, AM 1999; b. 30 May 1943, Melb.; joined the RAAF as medical undergrad. in 1966; compl. med. sch. 1968 & residency trg. 1969, then posted as MO at RAAF Base Williamtown, NSW, 1970; trg in aerospace medicine with USAF 1971; SMO Williamtown, 1972; on staff Dir-Gen. Air Force Health Svces, Canb., 1973; on exch. with USAF at Nellis AFB, Nevada; ret. to SO in Dir-Gen. AFHS; SMO, Jt. Svces Health Centre, Canb., 1977-78; CO 4 RAAF Hosp. Butterworth, Malaysia, 1979-80; CO 6 RAAF Hosp. Laverton, Vic, 1980-82; PMO, HQ Support Comd, 1983-84; Dir. Air Force Med. 1985-86; Dir. Med. Plans–AF, 1986; Dir. Def. Force Med. Pol., Office of Surg-Gen., 1987; Dep. Dir-Gen. AFHS, 1987-89, Dir-Gen. 1989-93; Dir-Gen. Clinical Svces, HQ ADF, 1993-96; Surg-Gen. ADF (as AVM) 1996-98 (retd.)

MONAGHAN, John Gordon, AM 2000; b. 12 Dec. 1954 Brisb., Qld; educ. RAAF Sch. Penang, Malaysia, and Watson High Sch., ACT; began study as aero. engr. at Univ. NSW, but after one year entered RAAF as cadet at Engr. Cadet Sqn, Frognall; grad. RMIT and comm. 1977; posted 482 Sqn at RAAF Amberley (F111 maint.); HQ Support Comd., Melb. (F111 systems engr); sent to USA 1983 on engr liaison and proj. duties for F111; Senior Engr Offr 1 Sqn, Amberley, 1985; ARDU, RAAF Edinburgh, SA, in comd. of Engr. Sqn; to Canb. 1992 for staff apptmnts at Air Force Off., attend Jt. Svces Staff Coll. and as LO with Internatl. Div., Dept. PM&C; Dir. Tech. Airworthiness, Melb., 1997-98; grad. Def. Strat. Studies Crse 1999; Dir. Aviation Log. Support at Support Comd. Aust. (Air Force Component); Dir-Gen. Air Lift, Maritime & Trg Systems in Aerospace Systems Div., Dept. of Def.; Head, Aerospace Systems Div. 2002-04; Chief Info. Offr. 2004-07 (retd.); Dir, Aerospace Business Unit, BAE Systems, 2007-

MORGAN, David Archibald Stevenson, AO 1980 OBE 1953; b. 29 Apr. 1920 Yorketown, SA; educ. Unley High Sch, Univ. of Adel. (MB, BS) and Univ. Syd. (DPH 1968); enlisted RAAF 1945; served with RAAF Component of BCOF Japan (82 Sqn, 6 RAAF Hosp, 381 Base Sqn, 77 Sqn) 1946-50; Senior Med. Offr 391 Base Sqn Korea 1950-53; CO 4 RAAF Hosp Butterworth 1969-71; Dir-Gen. Med. Services (Air Force), Dept. of Def. 1971-80 (retd.); d. 30 May 1995 Canb

NEIL, Graham Wallace, AO 1990, DFC 1971; b. 5 Jun. 1937 Cremorne, NSW; educ. N. Syd. Boys High Sch; served 22 Sqn (CAF) before joining Perm. RAAF 1959; served 3 Sqn (Malaya, Thailand, Singapore & Philippines); Pers. Asst. to CAS 1966-69; flew as FAC with USAF in Vietnam 1969-70 (awarded US DFC); attended RAAF Staff Coll. and then Joint Services Staff Coll.; CO 2 OCU 1976-77; on Directing Staff of Joint Services Staff Coll. 1978-80; Air Force Adviser, London, 1980-83; Dir. Air Force Plans 1983-85; OC RAAF Pearce & Air Offr WA 1985-87; Dir-Gen. Policy & Plans 1987-89; prom. AVM and apptd Asst CAS-Personnel 1989-90; Asst CDF-Personnel 1990-92 (retd.); Special Adviser, Def. Housing Authority 1993; Advisor, Wormald Tech. 1995-98

NEWSTEAD, Geoffrey Thompson, AO 1975 CBE 1969; b. 1 Jul. 1920 SA; educ. Renmark High Sch. SA; joined RAAF as air cadet 1939 and served World War II (with 13 Sqn NW Area 1941-42 and CO 15 Sqn Madang, New Guinea, 1945); CO 77 Sqn in Japan 1949-50; staff duties at RAAF Staff Coll. 1950; CO 378 Base Sqn Malta 1952-54, OC 78 Wg Malta 1954-55; SO Recruiting HQ Trg Comd. 1955-57; CO 6 Sqn, Amberley, Qld. 1960-63; Asst Comdt RAAF Staff Coll. 1964-66; Gp Capt Ops, HQ FEAF, Singapore, 1966-68; Comdr RAAF Forces Vietnam 1968-69; Dir-Gen. Op. Requirements 1969-72; DCAS 1972-73; AOC Support Comd 1973-77 (retd.); d. 10 Aug. 2004 Perth, WA

NICHOLSON, Hon. Justice Alastair Bothwick, AO 1992; b. 19 Aug. 1938 E. Melb.; educ. Scotch Coll., Melb. Univ. (LL.B.); admitted to practice 1961, QC 1979, Judge of Vic. Supreme Court 1982-88; Judge of Fed. Court & Chief Justice of Family Court of Aust. since 1988; commissioned in RAAF Reserve 1959; Dep. Judge Advocate-Gen. RAAF 1982-83, Judge Advocate-Gen. 1983-85, Judge Marshal 1985-87; Judge Advocate-Gen. ADF 1987-92 (retd.)

NICHOLSON, Peter Gervase, AO 1999 (AM 1995); b. 20 Aug. 1946 Northam, WA; educ. Northam Senior High Sch & Univ. WA (BE); comm. as pilot in RAAF 1968, flew Mirages at Williamtown and Butterworth, Malaysia; attended Empire Test Pilots' Sch in UK in 1973, then posted to ARDU, Laverton; OC RAAF base Tindal, NT, and Comdr N Comd, Darwin; grad. RAAF Staff Coll., USAF Air War Coll. (MPubAdmin, Auburn Univ.); National Defence Coll. of Canada; OC RAAF Base Tindal 1988-90; Cmdr N. Comd Aust. Def. Force 1992-95; Chief of Ops, Air Comd 1995-96; Air Cmdr Aust., RAAF Air Comd, 1996-98; Head, Strat. Policy & Plans Div., Dept. of Def.; Chief Knowledge Offr, Dept. of Def. (retd.); Military Adviser, BAE Systems Aust.

NOBLE, Rodney, AO 1976; b. 5 Sep. 1921 Randwick, NSW; educ. Syd. Gram. Sch. & Syd. Univ. (BE (Aero) 1944; joined RAAF 1943, commissioned pilot 1944; engaged in flight testing at 1 Aircraft Performance Unit Laverton 1944-46; demob. 1946, became Plan & Performance Engr for TAA 1946-47; obtained commission in Perm. Air Force 1947, engaged in staff duties Air Force HQ 1947-49; Aircraft R&D Unit Laverton 1949-54; RAAF Staff Coll. 1954; Offr i/c Maint. 82 Wg Amberley, Qld, 1955-56; member Dir. Staff RAAF Staff Coll. 1957-59; worked on electronic data processing in Def. Dept. 1959-60; Senior Engineering Staff Offr to Air Attache Washington 1960-62; staff duties Support Comd 1963-64; CO RAAF Sch of Tech. Trg Wagga, NSW, 1964-67; attended Imp. Def. Coll. London 1968; staff duties Dept. of Air (Dir. Maint. Policy 1969); Dir-Gen. Tech. Plans 1971; Dir-Gen. Aircraft Engineering 1973; Controller Service Laboratories & Trials Div., Dept. of Def. 1975-79; Chief Air Force Tech. Services 1979-81 (retd.); Mgr., Canb. office of Rockwell Collins (A'sia) 1982-85; Pres., Manufacturing Assoc. of Aust. 1986; Chairman of Institution. of Engrs; d. 4 Feb. 1995 Perth, WA

O'BRIEN, Thomas William, AO 1990, AFC 1979; b. 9 Feb. 1939 Toowoomba, Qld; educ. St. Mary's Mount, Christian Bros. Coll. Townsville; joined as cadet at RAAF Coll., Pt. Cook, 1957, grad. 1960; served with 11 Sqn (Ops. Offr, Trg Flt Comdr, Ops Flt Comdr); CO Maritime Analysis & Trg Sqn (later 292 Sqn); Staff Offr Air Ops at AJASS; Plans & Readiness Offr on staff of Comdr patrol Wgs, US Pacific Fleet, Moffett Field, Calif.; Dir. of Project Co-ord. 1982; Dir. of Op. Requirements, Air Force Office 1983; OC 92 Wg 1984-85; OC RAAF Edinburgh & Senior RAAF Offr SA 1986; Comdr of Maritime Patrol Gp (and Dep. Maritime Comdr) 1987; Chief of Staff & Dep. Air Comdr, Air HQ Aust. 1987-90; DCAS 1990-93; AOC Log. Comd 1993-96 (retd.)

O'LOGHLIN, Brendan Donald, AO 1996 (AM 1989); b. 5 Feb. 1944 Syd.; educ. Indooroopilly State High Sch, Brisb.; entered RAAF Academy 1962, grad. (BSc) 1965; MA from Aust. Nat. Univ.; flying apptmts and deployments in Aust., Malaysia, Singapore & PNG flying Sabre/Mirage fighters, Iroquois helos and Caribou transports 1967-88; RAAF Offr Postings 1975-78; attended RAAF Staff Coll. 1979; Asst Def. Adviser London 1980-83; Dir. Mil Strat. Policy 1984-86; OC RAAF Base Butterworth, Malaysia, 1986-88; Intern. Fellow US Nat. Def. Univ. 1988-89; Dir. Air Power Stud. Centre 1989; Dir-Gen. Mil. Strat & Concepts HQ ADF 1990-93, involved with Strategic Review 1993; AOC Trg Comd. 1994-95; Head, Aust. Def. Staff Washington 1995-98; Principal, Aust. Def. Coll. 1999-2000; Head, ADF Parlty exchange program 2001 (retd.)

OSLEY, Kym, AM 2008, CSC 1997; b. 14 Apr. 1959 Adel.; entered RAAF Academy 1977, grad. BSc (Physics) 1980; undertook fighter trg at Williamtown, NSW; Air Combat Offr in F-111 aircraft with 1 Sqn, 1982-85; on exchange with 12 TRS, USAF, flew recce Phantoms in Texas 1985-87; flew RF-111C with 6 Sqn 1988-90; Air Ops Offr in ADF Comd. Centre during Gulf War 1990; served on projects in Capability Development Br, AF HQ 1990-93; completed Comd. & Staff Crse 1994; Dep. Dir. Corp. Planning, AFHQ, 1995-97; CO 1 Sqn (F-111s) 1997-99; Air Force Adviser in UK 1999-2002; OC 82 Wg, 2002-04; Dir-Gen. Capability and Plans, Canb, 2004-06; Dir. Comb. Air Ops. Centre, MEAO, 2006-07; Comdr., Air Combat Gp, 2007-08; studied Advanced Management at Harvard Bus. Sch., US, 2008; Head Aust. Def. Staff (HADS) Washington 2008-10; Program Mgr, New Air Combat Capability 2011- 

PARKER, Harold Kevin, AO 1980; b. 21 Nov. 1924 Kempsey, NSW; educ. Morningside Prim. Sch and State Commercial High Sch, Brisb; joined RAAF 1943, commissioned navigator 1944; grad. as Specialist Nav. 1947 and Adv. Spec. Nav. 1953; exchange duties with RAF 1950-53; Nav. Offr 82 (Bomber) Wg RAAF 1956; attended RAAF Staff Coll. 1957; on staff of Air Attache Washington 1960-62; CO Base Sqn Pearce, WA, 1967-68; Air and Naval Attache Saigon Vietnam 1971-72; OC RAAF East Sale, Vic, 1973; Royal Coll. of Def. Studies London 1974; Dir-Gen. Air Force Plans & Policy 1975; Dir-Gen. Air Force Ops & Plans 1976-77; Dir-Gen. Air Force Manpower 1977-78; Chief of Air Force Personnel 1979-81 (retd.); d. 18 Mar. 2006 Canb.

PARKER, Ian Stanley, DFC 1952 AFC 1961; b. 3 Apr. 1923 Toowoomba, Qld; educ. Toowoomba Gram. Sch; joined RAAF 1942, served as fighter pilot in SWPA 1943-44, with 84 Sqn and 77 Sqn (comm. 1944); Flt Comdr 78 Sqn 1951-52; 77 Sqn Korea 1952 (US Air Medal); attended RAF Staff Coll. 1953; CO 25 Sqn Pearce, WA, 1955-56; CO Base Sqn Pt.Cook 1957-58; CO CFS 1959-61; CO 2 OCU Williamtown, NSW, 1962-63; HQ Far East Air Forces Singapore 1963-66; Comdt RAAF Staff Coll. & OC RAAF Fairbairn, ACT, 1966-67; OC RAAF Williamtown 1970; OC Butterworth, Malaysia, 1970-72; OC RAAF Pearce 1973-75; Chief of Air Force Pers 1976-79 (retd.); d. 12 Jul. 1985 Brisb.

PAULE, John Alan, AO 1988 DSO 1969 AFC 1975; b. 16 Jul. 1932 Brunswick, Vic; joined RAAF as air cadet 1951, grad. RAAF Coll. Pt. Cook 1954; flew with 21 Sqn 1955; filled various flying and staff posts 1958-67, incl. as instr at 1 BFTS 1958 and CFI of 16 Army Light Aircraft Sqn 1964; completed B.Sc. (Melb) 1962 and attended RAAF Staff Coll. 1967; CO 5 Sqn 1967-68 and 1969-70; CO 9 Sqn 1968-69 (in Vietnam) and 1973-75; OC RAAF Base Edinburgh, SA, 1981; Dir-Gen. Air Force Manpower 1985-87; Asst CAS (Personnel) 1987-89 (retd.)

PAULE, Kevin John, AM 2006; b. 5 Mar. 1959 Melb; joined RAAF as cadet pilot in 1977, grad. in 1978 and posted to 5 Sqn (Iroquois) at Canberra; served UNEF II in Egypt (Ismailia); completed Flying Instr Crse 1982, posted to 2 FTS Pearce, WA; Flt Comdr at RAAF Academy, Pt. Cook, 1984-85; flying instr. at 9 Sqn, Amberley, 1986-87; completed Intro. Fighter Crse at 2 OCU, Williamtown, then converted to F-111 1988; served 6 Sqn (incl. as Recce. Flt Comdr) until 1991; wrote jt. doctrine at ADF Warfare Centre; attended RAF Staff Coll., Bracknell, UK, 1994; apptd. WGCDR Ops at 82 Wg HQ, Amberley, 1995-96; CO 6 Sqn 1996-98; OC 82 Wg 1998-2000; Dir. Aerospace Combat Development in ADF HQ; Dir-Gen. Jt. Ops. & Plans in ADF HQ, 2003-05; Comdr. Trg–Air Force, Laverton, 2005-06; Comdr, AF Trg. Gp, 2006-07; Comdr. IADS, Malaysia, 2007-10; Head Mil Strat. Commitments 2010- 

PLENTY, Brian (‘Jack’) Edwin, AM 2002; b. 19 Jul. 1956 Wagga Wagga, NSW; joined RAAF 1975, grad. from 96 Pilots Crse, 1976; served three tours with 38 Sqn (Caribou transports), including posting in PNG; flying instr at 1 FTS (Point Cook), 2 FTS (Pearce) and CFS (E. Sale), incl. as member of Roulettes aerobatics team; served in RAAF Directorate of Pers, also DIO; SO to VCDF (Gen. Baker, then Adm. Walls); Dir. Exercises at ADF Warfare Centre, Williamtown; CO 38 Sqn; OC 86 Wg (incl. as Comdr JTF 632 for Bougainville Peace Talks); Chief of Staff, HQ Aust. Theatre, 2001; Dir-Gen. HQ Jt. Ops. Comd. Proj. in Infrastructure Div., DSG, 2004; Comdr., Air Lift Gp, 2007-08; Head Capability Systems, 2008-

QUAIFE, Alfred John, AM 2004; b. 2 Jun. 1955 Melb.; educ. La Trobe Univ.; joined RAAF, grad. pilot trg. 1981; briefly flew Canberras, then Mirages, before converting to F/A-18s 1987; on Force Devel. staff at ADF HQ, working on Hawk trainer project; CO 77 Sqn 1996-98; Dir. Aerospace Combat Development, ADF HQ 1999-2001; Comdr Air Combat Gp 2002-04 (incl. Ops Slipper & Falconer); Jt. Force Air Component Comdr (Dir. US CENTAF Comb. Air Ops Centre) 2004-05; Air Comdr Aust. 2005-07; Hd Capability Systems ADF 2007-08 (retd.)

RADFORD, Edward Arundel, AO 1985 (AM 1977); b. 31 Dec. 1935 Syd.; educ. Newcastle Tech. High Sch; joined RAAF 1953 and grad. RAAF Coll. Pt. Cook 1956; flew with 22 Sqn and 78 Wg 1957-59; PA to AOC Op Comd. 1959-62; studied at RAAF Academy 1962-64 (B.Sc.); trained and led Yellow Streaks aerobatic team, CFI 1 BFTS Pt. Cook 1966; flew with 3 Sqn Williamtown, NSW, 1967-70 (CO 1968-70, took unit to Butterworth 1969; CO RAAF Malaysia 1969-70); grad. RAAF Staff Coll. 1971; Air Force rep. at CSE, Dept, of Supply, 1972-74; Dir. Joint Plans 1974-75; Dir. Air Force Ops 1976 (led recon. team to Middle East for RAAF deployment to Sinai); Air Staff Offr Amberley, Old, 1977; attended Canadian Nat. Def..Coll. 1978; Dir-Gen. Tactical Fighter Proj. 1980; Dir-Gen. Manpower 1982-83; Chief of Air Force Personnel 1983-85; AOC Op. Comd (Air Comdr Aust.) 1985-90; DCAS 1990 (retd.); Dep. Chief Exec. (Tech.) Qantas Airways 1991-92; Dir., Qadrant International Pry. Ltd. 1992- ; Dir. & Senior Aviation Consultant, Swanjet Pty. Ltd. 1994- ; Dir., London-Syd. Air Race 2001

REED, Alan Raymond, AO 1989; b. 16 Dec. 1933 Albany, WA; educ. Fremantle, WA; trained as an accountant until called up for nat. service trg with RAAF 1952; joined RAAF 1953; on exchange with USAF 1967-70 (incl. service in F-4s with 12 Tac. Recon. Sqn in Vietnam 1968, awarded US DFC); CO 6 Sqn Amberley, Qld; Staff Offr F-111 1973-74; Teaching Staff of Joint Services Staff Coll. 1974-76; Staff Offr Air Trg 1977-78; Exec. Offr Amberley 1979-81; OC RAAF Pt. Cook & Comdt RAAF Academy 1982-84; Air Attache Washington 1984-87; AOC Log Comd 1987-90 (retd.); Dir. Total Quality Management Institute 1990-91; Dir., Maddern Recruitment Services 1991- ; Managing Dir., Altech International; Chairman, Structural Monitoring Systems

REED, Glen William; b. 17 Aug. 1936 Brisb., Qld; educ. Brisb. State High Sch, Qld Univ. (MB, BS), Syd. Univ. (BSc (Hons); RAAF med. offr since 1961; Senior Med. Offr Williamtown, NSW, 1965-66; CO RNZAF Base Hosp. Ohakea 1967-68; at RAAF Inst. of Aviation Medicine 1968-72; Senior Med. Offr Amberley, Qld, 1973-75; Chief of Flight Medicine HQ USAF Tac. Air Comd 1975-77; CO RAAF Inst. of Av. Med. 1978; PMO HQ Op. Comd 1978-79; Dir. Med. Plans Air Force 1981-82; Dep. Dir-Gen. Air Force Health Services 1982-84; prom. AVM and apptd. Dir-Gen. Air Force Health Services 1984-87 (retd.)

REYNOLDS, Bernard John, AM 1983; b. 6 Mar. 1931 Goondiwindi, Qld; educ. Canterbury Boys High Sch., NSW; joined RAAF 1949 as air cadet and grad. RAAF Coll. Pt. Cook 1952; served with 2 Sqn 1953, 6 Sqn 1954, 1 Sqn 1954-55; instr 1 AFTS Pt. Cook 1956-58, then 1 AFTS Det A at Pearce, WA, 1958; PA to CAS 1958-60; flew with 75 Sqn 1961 and 76 Sqn 1962 (T/CO); exchange duties with USAF 1963-65; attended RAAF Staff Coll. 1966, and Joint Services Staff Coll. (UK) 1968; CO 2 Fighter OCU 1969-70; ASO Williamtown 1970-71; SASO HQ Butterworth 1971-73; Dir. of Pers. Services 1974-76; OC RAAF Base Fairbairn, ACT, 1976-78; Dir. Co-ord Air Force 1978-79; OC HQ Butterworth 1979-83; AOC Op. Comd 1984-85 (retd.); d. 10 Feb. 1986 Syd.

RICHARDSON, Robert Victor, AO 1995 AFC 1981; b. 13 May 1941 Melb.; educ. Shepparton and Ringwood High Schs, Vic., and Swinburne Tech. Coll., Melb.; joined RAAF 1961, commissioned 1962; flew with 77 Sqn in Malaysia, Singapore & N. Borneo, and 79 Sqn in Thailand 1962-65; instr at BFTS, Pt. Cook, 1966-67; underwent Empire Test Pilots Sch., UK. 1968; test pilot at ARDU 1969-72; 2FTS 1973-74; OIC Test Flight ARDU 1975-81; grad. Joint Services Staff Coll. 1982; Mil. Staff Br, Dept. of Def. 1982-85; CO ARDU 1986-87; Dir-Gen. Manning in Air Force Pers. Div. 1988-90; attended Royal Coll. Def. Studies, London, 1991; AOC Trg Comd 1992-93; Dir. of team writing Def. White Paper 1993-94; Asst. CAS-Pers & Resource Management 1995-97; Dep. CAF 1997 (retd.); Consultant, British Aerospace Aust.; Alpaca and Merino woolgrower at Bowning, NSW

RICHARDSON, Trevor Robert; b. 6 Jun.1938 Adel.; educ. Adel. Boys High Sch.; joined RAAF 1961, flew fighters 1962-68; exchange duty with USAF 1969-72; Ops Offr Williamtown, NSW, 1972-76; attended RAAF Staff Coll. 1976; staff duties in Air Force Orgn. Br., Air Office, 1976-78, Materiel Div. 1978-80; CO 2 OCU Williamtown 1980-82; Dir. Pers. (Offrs), Air Office, 1982-86; OC 81 Wg 1987-88; Comdr Tac Fighter Gp, Williamtown, 1988-90; Chief of Staff, Air HQ Aust., Glenbrook, NSW, 1990-92; Comdr IADS, Malaysia, 1992-95 (retd.)

RIDGWAY, Michael John, AFC 1963; b. 5 Aug. 1928 Adel., SA; educ. St. Peter's Coll., Adel.; with TAA 1947; pilot RAAF 1948; on exch. RAF 1954-56; attended RAAF Staff Coll. 1967; CO 1 Sqn 1970-72; Senior Ops Offr at HQ Op. Comd., Glenbrook, NSW 197275; Dir. Aircraft Requirements 1975-76; Dir-Gen. Op. Requirements 1976; attended Royal Coll. Def. Studies 1977, then Air Force Adviser London 1978-79; AOC Op. Comd. 1980-82; Chief of Air Force Pers 1982 (retd.); Dept. of Vets Affairs 1985; SA Dept. of State Development 1986-88; Brit. Aerospace Aust. 1988-90; Chairman, SA Indust. Mobilisation Course; d. 20 Feb. 2011 Adel 

ROBEY, Frederick Stephen, AO 1976 CBE 1971; b. 10 Sep. 1921 Moora, WA; educ. Northam High Sch, WA; joined RAAF as air cadet 1940, flew as pilot with 11 & 42 Sqns in SouthWest Pacific Area during WWII (MID 1944); demob. Mar.1946 but reapptd. Oct. 1946; CO 112 Air-Sea Rescue Flight at Darwin 1947 and Search & Rescue Unit at Rathmines, NSW, 1947-48; attended RAAF Staff Coll. 1950; on exch. with RAF 1951-54; CO 11 Sqn, Richmond, 1954-56; on staff Dir. of Ops, Dept. of Air, 1956-57, then Dir. of Flying Safety 195859; CO Base Sqn E. Sale, Vic., 1960-61; Asst Comdt RAAF Staff Coll. 1962-63; Dir. Pers Services, Dept. of Air, 1964-65; attended Imperial Def. Coll., London 1966; Air Attache Washington 1967-69; Comdr RAAF Forces Vietnam 1969-70; SASO Op. Comd. 1970, then SASO Far East Air Force, Singapore, 1970-71; Dir-Gen. Air Force Plans & Policy 1971-73; DCAS 1973-74; AOC Op. Comd. 1974-78 (retd.); d. 18 Feb. 1995 Buderim, Qld

ROGERS, David Norman, AM 1986; b. 27 Oct. 1943 Syd.; educ. Syd Tech. High Sch; joined RAAF as aircrew cadet 1962, completed flying trg and commissioned; served with 77, 3 & 79 Sqns in Malaysia, Singapore and at Ubon, Thailand (1964-65), also Labuan, Borneo, during Confrontation (1965); pilot instr at Pearce 1966-68; underwent F111 trg in US 1968, then returned to Amberley, Qld; underwent trg on F4E in US 1970 and took part in delivery of F4s to Aust.; with 6 Sqn, then 1 Sqn 1970-73 (temp CO 1973); on Op. Requirements staff at Air Force Office as manager of CT4 proj. 1973-75; completed RAAF Staff Coll. 1975, then posted to Coll. dir. staff; posted to Amberley 1977 for F111 refresher trg before apptmnt to base air staff, then CO 6 Sqn 1979-80; at HQ Op. Comd in charge of strike ops. 1980-82; attended Joint Services Staff Coll. 1982; CO Base Sqn Richmond, NSW, 1983-85; apptd to Washington as senior Aust. rep. for F/A18 proj. 1985-88; Dir. Air Force Plans 1988-89; Dir-Gen. Policy & Plans 1989-90; Dir-Gen. Air Warfare Policy & Plans 1990-91; comdr of F111 Strike Recon Gp at Amberley 1992-94; DCAS 1994-97; Head of Capability Development 1997-98 (retd.)

ROSER, Hansjorg Friederich, AM 1986; b. 6 Jun. 1937 Freiburg, Germany; arr. in Aust. 1949; grad. RAAF Coll. Pt. Cook 1958; flew F-4s with 12 Tac. Fighter Wg USAF in Vietnam 1969-70 (MID 1971); CO 75 Sqn Butterworth, Malaysia, 1974-76; Dir. Air Force Plans 1977-79; OC RAAF Laverton 1980-82; Dir-Gen. RAAF Tac. Fighter Proj. 1982-86; Comdr IADS Malaysia 1987; Air Staff (Materiel) 1989; Asst CDF (Personnel) 1989-90 (retd.); Manager, Def. Div., Kinhill Engrs Pty.Ltd. 1992-; CEO, Thales Intervational Pacific Holdings 2000-

ROSSITER, Clive Edward, AM 2001; b. 3 Nov. 1955 Vic; educ. Caulfield Inst. of Tech. (B.E.(Elec.)); M.Sc.; joined RAAF as direct entrant 1978, as armament offr.; Jt. Svces Staff Coll. 1995; Dir. Tac. Fighter Systems Proj. Office 1998; Proj. Dir.-Guided Wpns Systems Support Office 2002; Dir-Gen. Airlift, Maritime & Trg Systems; prom. AVM and apptd. Head, Aerospace Systems Div., Def. Materiel Organisation, 2005-08

SCULLY, Peter John, AO 1986; b. 10 Sep. 1934 Manly, NSW; educ. N. Syd. High Sch; joined RAAF 1952 and grad. RAAF Coll. Pt. Cook 1955; served 75 and 77 Sqns Williamtown, NSW; Pers. Asst to AOC 224 Group RAF Kuala Lumpur, Malaya, 1958-59, then flying duties 78 Wg, Butterworth, 1959; instr 1 BFTS Pt. Cook 1961, then instr CFS E. Sale, Vic, and member of "Telstars" aerobatic team 1962-65; pilot 81 Wg, Williamtown, then 75 Sqn, Butterworth; OC RAAF Contingent Ubon, Thailand, 1968; staff offr Dept. of Air 1968; attended RAAF Staff Coll. 1970; CO 3 Sqn, Butterworth, 1970-72; attended Joint Serv. Staff Coll. Aust 1973; duties in Direcorate of Trg 1973-77 (Dir. 1974-77); OC RAAF Base Townsville, Qld, 1977-78; attended Royal Coll. of Def. Studies, London, 1979, then Air Adviser, London, 1979-80; Dir-Gen. Op. Requirements 1980-82; Chief of Air Force Development 1982-83; AOC Support Comd 1983-86; Asst CDF (Ops), HQ ADF, 1987-90 (retd.)

SHORT, Bruce Hamilton, AM 2005; b. 1 Nov. 1942 Kingston-on-Thames, UK; settled in Aust. 1950; educ. Syd. Grammar Sch., Univ. Syd; enlisted CMF 1960, Syd. Univ. Regt (Offr. Trg. Coy) 1961-64; RMO (Flt Lt) 1967; Aeromed. Evac. Offr 36 Sqn (Vietnam) 1968; Med. Offr 3 RAAF Hosp. Richmond 1968; SMO RAAF Base Pt.Cook 1968-69, Williamtown 1970-71; RAAF Gen. Reserve 1972-86; 4 RAAF Hosp. Butterworth, Malaysia, 1973; Specialist Physn, RAAF Spec. Reserve 1986-97; Princ. Reserve Med. Offr (NSW) 1997-98; Asst Surgn-Gen. ADF (Air Force) 1998-2000; Surgn-Gen. ADF 2001-05 (retd.)

SIMMONDS, William Henry, AO 1986; b. 25 Oct. 1930 Perth; educ. Bunbury High Sch. and Univ. of WA; joined RAAF as cadet at RAAF Coll., Pt. Cook, 1948, grad. 1951; served with 77 Sqn Korea 1952 (MID, US Air Medal); flew with 25 Sqn Pearce, WA, 1952-53; exchange duties RAF 1953-55; Pers. Asst to AOC Trg Comd 1958-59; flying duties with 78 Wg Butterworth, Malaya, 1959-62; Wpns Offr at Aircraft R&D Unit, Laverton, 1962-63; attended RAAF Staff Coll. 1964; exchange duties USAF Academy 1965-67; staff duties Joint Int. Bureau 1967-69; CO 77 Sqn 1969-72; OC RAAF Base Williamtown, NSW, 1979-81; Comdr IADS Malaysia 1981-85; Chief of Air Force Ops & Plans 1985-87 (retd.); Chairman, Def. Liaison Services 1987- ; Dir., Celsius Tech Aust. Ltd. 1990- ; Dir., Bofors Aust., 1995-

SKIDMORE, Mark Alan, AM 2010; b. 15 Mar. 1959 Kowloon, Hong Kong; joined RAAF 1977; completed 113 Pilots Crse, posted to fly F-111s at 1 Sqn, Amberley; completed US Navy Test Pilot Sch. Fixed Wg Crse 1985; ARDU Edinburgh, SA; Op. Flt. Comdr, 1 Sqn, 1989; Ops Offr, 82 Wg; Flt Test Dir. on F-111C Avionics Upgrade Program, Calif., USA; Staff Offr. Op. Systems, HQ Air Comd (Glenbrook) 1996-98; resigned from RAAF, became Snr Test Pilot & Bus. Dev. Exec., Aerospace Tech. Svces 1998-99; rejoined RAAF, completed Defence Staff Crse, Weston Ck, ACT; CO, Aircraft Res. & Dev. Unit 2001-02; Dir., Op. Requirements New Air Combat Capability Proj. 2003-05; attended Def. & Strat. Studies Crse, Aust. Def. Coll.; Jt. Force Air Component Comdr. (Dir. Combined Air Ops Centre, awarded Commendation for Dist. Service 2007), MEAO, 2005-08; Air Comdr. Aust. 2008-12 (Retd.)

SMITH, Neil Alexander, AM 1998 MBE 1976; b. 3 Feb. 1945 Melb; educ. Melb High Sch, and Univ. Syd (BE); entered RAAF Academy 1962, grad. 1965; pilot trg 1967-68; 2 Fighter OCU 1968-70, then 3 Sqn Butterworth, Malaysia, 1970; OIC Maint. Control Sect, 482 Sqn, Amberley, Qld; Senior Engr Offr 77 Sqn 1973-76; staff duties in Directorate of Aircraft Eng, Canb, 1976-79; Senior Engr Offr, RAAF London, 1979-81; Aircraft Eng, HQ Support Comd, Melb, 1981-84; Gp Capt/Staff Proj., HQ Log. Comd, 1984-86; Staff Offr Aircraft Eng 1986-87; CO 481 Sqn and 481 Wg, Air Comd (Williamtown, NSW) 1987-89; Dir., Tech. Plans, Air Office, 1989; Dir., Pers (Offrs), 1989-92; CO RAAF Base Pearce, WA, 1992-94; Controller, Logistics Systems Agency, RAAF Log Comd, 1996-97; AOC Support Command (AF) 1997-2000 (retd.); Memb., Civil. Aviation Safety Auth. Board 2001-04; Managing Dir., Smiths' Management & Consulting Pty. Ltd.

SMITH, Ian Phillip, AM 2007; b. 10 Nov. 1953 Gosford, NSW; entered RAAF as direct entry Equipment Offr (Pilot Offr) 1977; filled junior supply offr posts at RAAF Richmond and Canb.; served RAAF Butterworth as Senior Stores Offr 1986-89; IT system mgr at RAAF Log Comd 1989-90; joined Standard Def. Supply System proj. team, Canb., 1991-94; on exchange with USAF in Pentagon, 1994-96; posted to RAAF Log Comd (later Jt. Log. Systems Agency of Support Comd. Aust.) 1996-98; strat. log role at Nat. Support Div., Aust. Def. HQ, 1998-2000; completed DSSC course at Aust. Def. Coll. 2001; Dir. Jt. Log. & Admin. at Strat. Comd Div., 2002-03; Dir-Gen. Aerospace Materiel Management in DMO; Dir-Gen. Log.-AF in AFHQ; Dir-Gen. AF Improvement 2009-10; prom. AVM and apptd. Dep. Head Strat. Reform & Governance 2010.

SPENCE, Christopher Geoffrey, AO 2004 (AM 1998); b. 22 Apr. 1951 Syd; grad. RAAF Acad. Pt.Cook (B.Sc.) 1972; completed pilot training 1974, flew Iroquois helos with 5 Sqn, Fairbairn; served with UNEF II at Ismailia, Egypt; qual. as flying instr 1979, posted to 2 FTS, then CFS 1980; on exch. to RAF's CFS 1981; on return to Aust. 1984, attended RAF Staff Coll., then posted to Pers Br.; CO 35 Sqn, Townsville, 1987-89; SO to CAS 1990-91; attended USAF Air Univ. 1991; SO Air Ops at HQ ADF; Dir. Log. Development at HQ Log Comd, Melb, 1994-95; CO 86 Wg, 1995-97; CofS, Support Comd Aust, 1997-2000; Comd Trg-Air Force at HQ Trg Comd, 2000-01; prom. AVM and apptd Deputy CAF 2001-04; Head, Strat. Ops. Div. 2004; Comdr. Jt. Logistics, Def. Dept., 2004-06 (retd.); Dir., Aerospace Business Unit, BAE Systems 2007-

STAIB, Margaret Mary, AM 2009, CSC 2000; b. 20 Dec. 1962 Canb; joined RAAF as Offr. Cadet, 1981; grad. with B. Bus. Studies, 1983; Asst. Facilities Offr, Darwin, 1984; 2 Stores Depot, 1987; 486 Sqn; HQ Log. Comd, 1990; PSO to AOC Log. Comd (grad. Master of Bus. Logistics from RMIT); PSO to Comdr Support Comd, 1997; SO Supply Chain Management, Support Comd, 1998-2000; on exchange with USAF, 2000-02 (awarded US Meritorious Service Medal); Dir. Planning & Logistics–AF, 2002-05; attended Aust. Def. Coll., 2005 (completed MA in Strat. Studies); Dir. Logistics Support Agency–AF, 2006-07; Dir.-Gen. Strategic Logistics, Jt. Logistics Comd, 2007-09; Comdt., Aust. Def. Force Academy 2009; prom. AVM and apptd Commander Jt. Logistics 2009-12 (retd.); Chief Exec. Offr. Airservices Australia 2012- 

STEPHENSON, Eric Hay, AO 1984 OBE 1972; b. 22 Jul. 1922 Durham, UK; educ. Kilburn Grammar Sch, Kingsbury County Sch (UK), Kings Coll. and Kings Coll. Hosp, London Univ.; interrupted studies to join RAF 1942, became navigator on Lancaster bombers (shot down over Europe 1943, POW until 1945); worked in W. Norwich, Norfolk, and Norwich Hosps, UK, 1951-53; GP in Norfolk, 1953-55; settled in Aust., joined RAAF Med. Br 1955; Dep. Surg. & Chief of Professional Services USAF Air Trg Comd, Texas, 1969-71; Dir. Air Force Medicine 1971-74; Dep. Dir-Gen. Air Force Health Services 1975-80, Dir-Gen. 1980-84; Chief of Def. Force Health Services (RAAF) 1982-84 (retd.); Member Vets' Appeals Div., Admin. Appeals Tribunal, 1985-

SUSANS, Ronald Thomas, CBE 1972 DSO 1952 DFC 1944; b. 25 Feb. 1917 Manly, NSW; educ. Syd. High Sch.; enlisted in RAAF as air cadet, commissioned 1940; served in World War II 1940-45 (3 Sqn N. Africa, Malta, Sicily & Italy 1942-43, MID 1943, CO 79 Sqn SWPA 1943-44, Wg Ldr 81 Wg SWPA 1944-45); OC RAAF Base Parafield, SA, 1945-46; BCOF Japan (OC 77 Sqn) 1946-48; CO 25 Sqn Pearce, WA, 1948-50; staff duties 1950; did trg course in Eng. 1951; CO 77 Sqn Korea 1951-52 (US DFC & Air Medal 1952); staff duties 1953; Asst to Def. Rep. (Air Attache) Washington 1954-56; SASO RAAF Edinburgh, SA, 1956-60; Air Attache Paris 1960-63; OC RAAF Williamtown, NSW, 1963-66; Dir-Gen. Op. Requirements 1966-69; OC RAAF Butterworth, Malaysia, 1969-70; Dir. Malaysia-Singapore Air Def. Planning 1970-71; Comdr IADS Malaysia 1971-74; retd. 1975; d. 2 Dec. 1992 Taree, NSW

SUTHERLAND, Ian Traill, AO 1984; b. 28 Aug. 1931 Melb; educ. Scotch Coll.; joined RAAF 1948 and grad. from RAAF Coll., Pt. Cook, 1951; BSc. and BE (Aero) from Syd. Univ.; trained as navigator 1955; grad. RAF Staff Coll., Bracknell, 1963; Aircraft Engineering Staff Offr, Office of Air Attache, Aust. Emb. Washington, 1969; Tech. Staff Offr to F-111 project manager 1970; CO 482 Sqn, Amberley, Qld, 1976-78; Controller of Logistics, HQ Support Comd, Melb, 1982; Chief of Air Force Tech. Services (renamed Asst CAS-Engineering) 1985-1989 (retd.)

THORNE, Colin Barry, AM 2001; b. 25 Dec. 1963 Atherton, Qld; attended De La Salle Coll., Scarborough, Qld; joined Engr Cadet Sqn, RAAF Frognall, Vic, 1981; grad. as Radio Engineering Offr, 1984; posted 114 MCRU, Amberley; joined proj. staff for AEW&C (1988), Global Positioning System (1989), P-3C ESM (1992), P-3C Refurbishment (1993-95) and AEW&C (1996-2002); Flt Comdr at ARDU 1995-96; OC Maritime Patrol Systems Program Office; Dir-Gen. Aerospace Maritime & Surveillance Systems; Head Aerospace Systems, DMO, 2008-

TIDD, Donald Arthur Ernest, AM 1993 MBE 1970; b. 14 Dec. 1939 Hawthorn, Vic; educ. Mordialloc/Chelsea High Sch; trained at RAAF Sch Tech Trg & RMIT (ARMIT (MechEng), MIEAust); commissioned 1962; Engr Offr 16 Sqn, 5 Sqn and 9 Sqn; served in Vietnam 1966, 1969-70; attended RAAF Staff Coll. 1975, Joint Services Staff Coll. 1979; CO 3AD 198182; Dir. Aircraft Eng 1983-84, General Aircraft Eng 1985, Proj. Mgmt & Acquisition 1986-87; Dir-Gen. Material Procurement 1988, Aircraft Eng 1989, Tech Plans 1989; DirGen. Logistics Air Force 1990-93; prom. AVM and served as Asst CDF (Logistics) at HQ ADF 1993-95 (retd.); Co-Chairman, RAAF AirWorthiness Bd 1996 ; Dir., Sikorsky Aircraft Aust. Ltd. 1999-

TITHERIDGE, Alan William, AO 2001 (AM 1986); b. 14 Dec. 1946 Melb; joined RAAF Academy 1965, grad. 1968 (BSc); completed pilot trg (latter part with RAF), posted to 75 Sqn; CO 77 Sqn; HQ Ops Offr, Williamtown Base; OC 81 Wg; grad. Canadian Armed Forces Staff Coll. and USAF Air War Coll.; Comdr Tac. Fighter Gp; Air Comdr Aust. 1998-99; DCAF 1999-2001; Head, Strategic Comd, Dept. of Def., 2001-02; Vice-Pres. Aust. Ops, L3 Comms Aust. Pty Ltd

TOWNSEND, William Edwin, CB 1971 CBE 1965 (OBE 1957); b. 25 Apr. 1916 Hawthorn, Vic; educ. Mordialloc High Sch and Longeranong Agric. Coil.; joined RAAF and grad. Pt. Cook 1937; Adjt of Cadet Wg, RAAF FTS Pt. Cook; Asst CFI Pt. Cook 1939; CFI & second-in-comd 8 EFTS 1940; Senior Trg Staff Offr 1 Trg Gp 1941; CO 67 & 22 Sqns 1942-43 (shot down over Coral Sea during attack on New Britain, evaded capture and returned to Aust. 1944); CO 5 OTU 1944; SASO HQ NE Area 1946; OC Port Moresby 1947-48; seconded to Aust. Joint Staff Washington 1949-50, also Def. Adviser to Aust. Delegation at U.N.; OC East Sale, Vic, 1951-52; CO RAAF Base E. Sale 1952-53; Senior Offr i/c Admin. Home Comd 1953-54; OC 78 Fighter Wg 1955-56; Dir. Ops 1957-60 (led Missile Mission to UK, Europe and US); OC RAAF Williamtown, NSW, 1960-62 (also Comdt Sch of Land/Air Warfare & OC 81 Wg); Dir-Gen. Personnel 1963-64; OC RAAF Butterworth, Malaya, 1964-67; prom. AVM and apptd DCAS 1967-69; AOC Op. Comd 1969-73 (retd.); Dir. NSW State Emergency Services and Civil Def., and Chairman Bushfire Council of NSW 1973-81; Dir-Gen. Aust.-Britain Soc. 1981-84, d. 12 Apr. 1987 Manly, NSW

TREBILCO, Raymond Edward, AO 1982 DFC 1950; b. 28 Apr. 1926 Rose Bay, NSW; educ. Box Hill High Sch, Vic; joined RAAF Jan. 1945 as aircrew trainee, transferred to language trg (Japanese); served as linguist in Japan with 381 Sqn and Combined Services Interrogation Unit 1946-47; flying trg 1948; served with 77 Sqn Japan & Korea 1949-51, completing two combat tours (US Air Medal 1950 & MID 1951), commissioned 1950; completed Russian language course Pt.Cook 1952-53; 2 OCU 1953-54; sent to UK for advanced linguistic studies 1954-56; Air Trials Unit, Woomera, SA, for flying duties in connexion with Jindivik project 1957; attended RAAF Staff Coll. 1960; flying duties with 77 Sqn Butterworth, Malaysia & Ubon, Thailand 196164 (temp. CO 1962-64); attended US Armed Forces Staff Coll. 1965, then performed int liaison duties with Air Attache Washington 1966-67; CO 2 OCU 1968-70; Defence Attache Tokyo 1970-73; Dir. Pers Services 1973-74; attended Royal Coll. of Def Studies London 1975; OC RAAF Butterworth, Malaysia, 197677; Dir-Gen. Operation Requirements Air Force 1977-79; AOC Support Comd 1979-80; Chief of Air Force Personnel 1981-82 (retd.); Administrator Norfolk Is. 1982-85; Vice-Pres. OTC Ltd. Japan 1987-92; d. 15 Jun. 1998 Gold Coast, Qld

TRELOAR, Robert Bruce, AO 2000 (AM 1988); b. 1 Aug. 1946 Essendon, Vic; educ. Maribyrnong High Sch; joined RAAF as aircrew cadet 1966; served with 9 Sqn in Vietnam 1969-70 (MID); flew Sabres and Mirages (incl. with 3 & 75 Sqns in Malaysia); ADC to Gov-Gen. 1973-74; Fighter Combat Instr, 77 Sqn; Flt Comdr/Exec. Offr 3 Sqn (Malaysia); Personnel Offr, Directorate of Pers.; converted to F/A18 Hornets and became CO 3 Sqn 1987-90; OC 41 Wg at Williamtown 1990-93; Senior Ops Staff Offr, Air HQ, 1993-94; prom. ACdre & Dir-Gen. Pers-AF 1994-96; Dir-Gen. Def. Force Plans & Programs, HQ ADF, 1996-97; Comdr IADS, Malaysia, 1997-99; Comdr Aust. Theatre (COMAST) 1999-2001 (retd.); Head, Interoperability Review Team 2002-04; Head Def. Team, Senate Inquiry into Mil. Justice 2003-04; memb. of Min. Def. Review of Pers., Clothing & Eqpt 2006

TRUDINGER, Lawrence Robert, CBE 1966; b. 14 Sep. 1915 Melb; educ. Wesley Coll. and Melb. Univ. (M.B., B.S. 1939); commissioned in RAAF Medical Branch (CAF) 1944, served New Guinea; granted short service comm. 1948 and apptd to Perm. RAAF 1952; SMO with 381 Base Sqn, Japan; CO 3 RAAF Hosp., Richmond, NSW; SMO and Surgical Registrar at 6 RAAF Hosp., Laverton, Vic.; Med. Offr at HQ Op. Comd 1957; Dep. PMO at RAF Tech. Trg Comd, Brampton, UK; prom. ACdre (acting AVM) and apptd Dir-Gen. Med. Services RAAF 1963-67; Joint Services Med. Adviser & Chairman Def. Med. Services Cttee 1967-75 (retd.); d. 25 May 1985 Canb.

TUCKWELL, Kenneth John; b. 6 Jan. 1935 Cremorne, NSW; educ. Syd. Tech. High Sch.; entered RAAF 1952, grad. RAAF Coll. Pt. Cook 1955; flew as pilot with 23, 75, 3, 77 Sqns 1956-59; PA to Air Member for Pers 1960-61; Flt Comdr 1 AFTS, Pearce, WA, 1961-63, then CFS East Sale, Vic, 1963-66; Ops Offr 78 Wg Butterworth, Malaysia, 1966-67; attended RAAF Staff Coll. 1968; CO 2 OCU 1971-74; attended Joint Services Staff Coll. 1974; Dir. Air Force Int 1974-78; ASO RAAF HQ Butterworth 1979-81; Dir-Gen. Air Force Ops 1981-82; OC and Senior Air Offr WA, 1983-85; Dir. Def. Security, Dept. of Def., 1985-86; Dir-Gen. Air Force Ops 1987-88; Comdr IADS Butterworth 1989-92 (retd.)

WACKETT, Ellis Charles, CB 1957 CBE 1951 (OBE 1947); b. 13 Aug. 1901 Townsville, Qld; entered RAN Coll. 1914, commissioned Leut. RAN 1921; studying at RN Engr Coll. Keyham, Devon, UK, when applied to join RAAF, transferred 1923; completed postgrad. course in aeronautics at Imp. Coll. of Science & Tech. London; OC Papuan Survey Flight 1927-28; grad. RAF Staff Coll. 1933; Dir. Tech. Services Air Force HQ 1936-42; Air Member for Engr & Maint. 1942-59 (renamed Air Member for Tech. Services from 1948, prom. AVM); retd. 1959; member Aust. Nat. Airlines Commission 1960-68; d. 3 Aug. 1984 Warracknabeal, Vic

WALTERS, Allan Leslie, CB 1956 CBE 1946 AFC 1941; b. 2 Nov. 1905 Melb; educ. Perth Modern Sch, WA; cadet at RMC Duntroon 192427, transferred to RAAF 1930; grad. RAF Staff Coll. 1936; served during WWII in New Guinea and Aust. (CO 1 Sqn 1940-41, Dir. Ops Allied Air HQ SWPA 1942, OC 1 (Fighter) Wg 194243, 72 Wg 194344 (MID 1945), Dir. of Air Staff Pol. & Plans, Air Force HQ 1944, AOC N.Area 1945); attended Imp. Def. Coll. London 1947; AOC S.Area 1948-50; AOC RAAF Overseas HQ London 1951-52; Head, Aust. Joint Services Staff Washington 1952-53; AOC Home comd. 1954-57; Air Member for Pers 1957-59; AOC Support Comd. 195962 (retd.), d. 19 Oct. 1968 Melb

WELLER, Elliott McLeod, AM 1995; b. 29 Jul. 1941 Nabiac, NSW; educ. Taree High Sch., NSW; joined RAAF as Trade Apprentice 1958, grad. as Armament Fitter 1960; Diploma Cadet Sqn, Frognall, 1961 (attended RMIT), grad. 1963 & comm. 1964; offr-in-charge engine repair flt., 1AD Laverton, 1964-65; on staff, HQ Support Comd. 1968; Maint. Offr, 5 Sqn RAAF Base Fairbairn, ACT, 1970; Snr. Engr Offr 9 Sqn (Vietnam) 1970-71, 5 Sqn 1974-76; grad. RAAF Staff Coll. 1976; Depot Prod. Engr. 2AD, 1977; Comd Maint. Offr, HQ Support Comd 1978-79; Snr. Engr SO, RAAF Washington 1979-82; Dir. Maritime Proj. Office 1982-85; Dir. Engr Tac. Fighter Proj. 1985-87; Dir. Aircraft Engr-Air Force 1988-89; CO 481 Wg, Williamtown, NSW, 1990-91; Dir. Engr Pol. 1992-93; Controller, Logistics Systems Agency, Melb., 1993-95; AOC Log. Comd (prom. AVM) 1995-97; Support Comdr. (Air Force) 1997-98 (retd.)

WESTON, Brian George, AM 1989; b. 24 May 1945 Ringwood, Vic; educ. St.Joseph's Coll. Geelong, Vic; entered RAAF Acad. 1963, grad. 1966 (BSc (Melb)); pilot trg with RAF 1967-68; flew with 3 Sqn at Butterworth 1970-72 and 76 Sqn at Williamtown 197273; flying instr 2 OCU 1973-74; flt comdr 77 Sqn 1975-76; staff duties in Dir. of Pers-Offrs, Air Force Office, 1977-80; CO 75 Sqn Butterworth 1980-82; attended US Air War Coll. 1982-83, MBA (Auburn Univ.); staff duties, Force Devel. & Analysis Div., Dept. of Def. 1983-84; on Dir. Staff of Joint Services Staff Coll. 1984-85; CO Base Support Sqn/OC Base Support Wg, Richmond, 1986-87; staff duties in Force Devel. & Planning Br, HQ ADF, 1987-89; Comdr Tac Fighter Gp 1990-93; co-leader of post implementation review of Def. Regional Support Arrangements 1993; attended Royal Coll. of Def. Studies London 1994; prom. AVM and apptd Asst CDF (Ops) in HQ ADF 1995-97 (retd.); Exec. Dir., Aust. Business, Def. Industries 1998-

WHITE, Sydney Robert, AO 1978; b. 26 May 1926 St. Peters, NSW; educ. N. Newtown Inter. High Sch and Syd. Tech. High Sch; saw active service with RAN in Pacific area 1944-45; completed B.Com. at Melb Univ. and joined RAAF 1953; Senior Eqpt Staff Offr Washington 1964-69 (completed M.Sc. at Inst. of Tech., Dayton, Ohio, 1968); Dir. Eqpt Requirements, Dept. of Air 1970; Dir. Eqpt Policy & Admin. 1971-73; CO 2 Stores Depot 1973-74; Dir-Gen. Eqpt 1975; Air Member for Supply & Eqpt 1975; Chief of Supply, Dept. of Def. 1975-80 (retd.); d. 26 Jun. 1998 Syd
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