RAF Officers on Loan or Exchange


BURNETT, Sir Charles Stuart, KCB 1936 (CB 1927) CBE 1919 DSO 1918; b. 3 Apr. 1882 Browns Valley, Minn., US; educ. Bedford Gram. Sch UK; joined Imp. Yeomanry and served in S. Africa 1900-01, commissioned 1901 in Highland Light Inf., employed with Imp. Yeomanry until 1903; seconded to W. African Frontier Force 1904-06, fought in N. Nigeria (wounded, twice MID); resigned 1909, resided in Portugese Guinea and in 1911 became Asst Resident in Nigeria; rejoined Army 1914 and on qual. as pilot was apptd to RFC (17 Sqn Middle East 1915, CO 12 Sqn in France 1916-17, Comdr 5 Wg Palestine Bde 1917), four times MID and awarded 3rd Class Order of the Nile; apptd to RAF and comd ops in Iraq and Persia 1920 (MID); CO of RAF Base Leuchars UK 1921-24; Dep. Dir. Ops. & Int. Air Ministry 1923-27; CO CFS 1927-29; returned to Iraq as Air Chief Staff Offr 1929-31; Dir. Ops. & Int. and DCAS 1931-32 (prom. AVM 1931); AOC Brit. Forces Iraq 1932-34 (wounded); AOC Inland Area 1935-36 (renamed Trg Comd. 1936), prom. AM and apptd C-in-C 1936-39; Inspector-Gen. RAF 1939-40 (member of Brit. Mil. Mission to USSR Aug. 1939); CAS RAAF 1940-42 (in rank of ACM); retd. 1942, but recalled to full-time duty as Comdt, Central Comd., Air Trg Corps 1943; d. 9 Apr. 1945 Halton, Bucks, UK

HARDMAN, Sir (James) Donald Innes, GBE 1958 (OBE 1940) KCB 1952 (CB 1945) DFC 1919; b. 21 Feb. 1899; educ. Malvern; served WWI 1916-19, with Artists' Rifles, London Regt. 1916, apptd RFC 1917 and posted to 19 Sqn France 1918, air ace (downed eight enemy aircraft); demob. 1919, went to Hertford Coll., Oxford, to study Econ.; returned to RAF 1921 on short service commission (perm. 1925); served on NW Frontier India 1922-26; posted 16 Sqn UK 1926; course at Armament & Gunnery Sch; 216 Sqn Egypt 1931, took part in pioneering flights across C. Africa; attended RAF Staff Coll. 1935; Staff Offr for Armament HQ 23 (Trg) Gp Grantham, UK, 1936-37; attended Army Staff Coll. 1938; with HQ RAF Component BEF France 1939; op. duties HQ 22 Gp 1940, then LO with Army E. Comd (MID 1941); Dir. Mil. Coop Air Ministry 1940-44 (renamed Dir. of Ops (Tac.) 1943); served with RAF Element, Air Comd SE Asia, Burma 1944, comdr Combat Cargo Task Force 1944-45; AOC 232 Gp Comilla 1945 with acting rank of AVM (awarded US Bronze Star); Air Offr i/c Admin. Air Comd SE Asia 1946-47; Asst CAS (Ops) 1947-49 (confirmed as AVM 1948); Comdt RAF Staff Coll. 1949-51; AOC-in-C Home Comd 1951-52; given acting rank of AM and apptd CAS RAAF 1952-54 (confirmed in rank Jul.1952); Air Member Supply & Org. on Brit. Air Council 1954-57 (prom. ACM 1955); retd. 1958; d. 2 Mar. 1982 while holidaying abroad

NICHOLL, Sir Hazelton Robson, KBE 1942 (CBE 1928, OBE 1918) CB 1938; b. 14 Jan. 1882 Calcutta, India; educ. St. George's Sch, Ascot, UK; served with London Scottish Vols. 1899-1902, S. Rhodesia Vols. (Mounted) 1903-04; learned to fly at Brooklands 1915 and joined RFC; served in France with 8, 84, 86 Sqns, attached 6 Sqn 1917, CO 110 Sqn RAF 1918, also with 41 and 91 Wgs, received Legion of Honour and MID; granted perm. commission RAF 1919; chief tech. instr at Eastchurch 1919-20; on staff duties Southern and Inland Areas, and 7 Gp 1920-22; Directorate of Staff Duties, Air Ministry 1922-25; attended course at RN Staff Coll.; CO 70 (Bomber) Sqn Iraq 192628; Dep. Dir. Trg, then Dir. Pers Services, Air Ministry 1929-30; Dep. Dir. Manning 1931-32; OC RAF Base Calshot 1932-33, 23 Gp Grantham 1933-34; Comdr Central Area RAF 1934-35; on exch to RAAF as Air Member for Pers 1935-37 (prom. AVM Jan. 1937, ret. to UK in Oct.); AOC RAF Middle East 1938; Air Offr i/c Admin. RAF Fighter Comd. 1939-42 (retd.); d. 14 Aug. 1956 Minard, Argyll, Scotland
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