Below is a list of presentations that were presented at the 2010 RAAF Air power Conference on 29-30 March this year. Where possible, Powerpoint presentations (in PDF format) have been added and appear as hyperlinks. You can also listen to the presentations here.


Day One Presentations

Welcome Address - Air Marshal Mark Binskin
Opening Address - Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston
Keynote Address: Air Power and National Security - Senator John Faulkner
Australia’s National Security Policy and Air Power - Duncan Lewis
The Art of Air Power: Sun Tzu Revisited - Dr Sanu Kainikara
A Day Without Space - Mr Joe Rouge
Has Air Power’s Potential Been Realised - Dr Ben Lambeth
Perceptions, Reality and 21st Century Strategy - Dr Alan Stephens


Day Two Presentations

A History of Australian Air Power and Irregular Warfare - Dr Chris Clark
Air Power's Challenge in an Age of Irregular Warfare - Dr Rebecca Grant
The Transformation of the USAF: ISR and UAS - LTGEN David Deptula, USAF
The Defence White Paper and its Implications for Australian Air Power - Mr Andrew Davies
The Role of Air Power in Australia’s Defence Strategy in the Asian Century - Professor Hugh White
Conference Summary - Air Vice-Marshal Geoff Brown
Closure - Air Marshal Mark Binskin

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