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Air Power Education courses

The APDC Education Section manages and conducts five Air Power Courses; two of which are face to face and three are distance courses conducted online via the Moodle student learning system.

Face to Face courses

  • Air Power Trainers’ Course (APTC)
  • Basic Air Power Seminar (BAPS)

Online courses

The significant advantage of the online courses is that they are conducted through a web-based bulletin board (password protected) which means that they can be completed by students in their own time on any home computer. 

The APDC Education Section can tailor air power professional development packages to your unit’s needs. We can either provide existing professional development products or can custom produce what you need.  Please give us a call to discuss your unit’s professional development requirements.

Course Nominations

All APDC Course  nominations are submitted via the following process.

  1. Complete appropriate nomination form.
  2. Submit nomination form to the APDC Group Inbox (
  3. Discuss your needs with the appropriate APDC Education Section Staff member.


Air Power Trainer's Course - Nomination Form

Basic Air Power Seminar - Nomination Form

Basic Air Power Course - Nomination Form

Intermediate Air Power Course - Nomination Form

Advanced Air Power Course - Nomination Form


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