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Chief of Air Force Fellowship

The aim of the CAF Fellowship Program is to produce personnel with a broad education on air power strategy and national security issues, who will develop the skills to contribute more directly to the air power debate in Australia.  For suitably qualified applicants, this will be an opportunity to undertake research on current and emergent issues for Air Force and to direct their findings towards facilitating decision-making about the future of air and space power for Australia. On completion of the Fellowship, members can expect to be posted to a position related to their area of research.

The APDC is located in Canberra and the Fellowship provides the successful applicant with a posting of one calendar year duration to undertake focussed research of their topic. 

The successful applicant will be enrolled in a Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) (course code: 2225) at UNSW Canberra and as such needs to be eligible to undertake this program. See the UNSW Canberra website to determine eligibility requirements.

While the Fellowship provides one calendar year of study, applicants must be aware that it is extremely unlikely they will satisfy UNSW’s requirements to complete their MPhil in this period. The MPhil course includes four units of course work for applicants without university granted recognition for prior learning (with at least a credit level of achievement in each course being required in order to progress to the research phase). UNSW Canberra has a range of courses that can be selected from, such as air power, research and analysis methods, strategy and military affairs, defence and policy planning, Asian studies, and international relations. The research thesis is to be on a subject agreed between the CAF Fellow and APDC - thus ensuring it is written to meet a RAAF requirement.  The APDC may publish the thesis if deemed appropriate. The required length of the thesis may vary depending on the topic and supervising school of the University, but is typically in the 30 000 - 40 000 word range.  Additionally, there will be opportunities for the CAF Fellow to conduct seminars at the end of their research and facilitate workshops during the research phase to inform the thesis.

Members wishing to nominate for the CAF Fellowship are to contact APDC prior to formally applying. APDC will liaise with UNSW and the applicant to ensure that the university can support the proposed research program, and to identify a suitable Academic Supervisor for the MPhil program. APDC will also advise on the relevance of the proposed research topic.

It is desirable that any member applying for a Fellowship have a sponsor from within the RAAF. Roles of the sponsor may include development of a thesis topic and monitoring the progress of the thesis from the RAAF perspective, as well as potentially identifying a future position for the Fellow in a related area. The sponsor does not replace the CAF Fellow’s Academic Supervisor.

Nominations are sought from permanent RAAF members of any specialisation and rank interested in filling a CAF Fellowship through the Air Power Development Centre (APDC) and UNSW Canberra (previously UNSW@ADFA). 

Essential Criteria

  • Be a permanent RAAF member 
  • Be eligible to obtain entry to the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) program at UNSW Canberra, if electing to pursue academic accreditation 

Desirable Criteria

  • Have an undergraduate degree in an associated or relevant field  
  • Have a RAAF Sponsor supporting the area of research 
  • Does not already have a Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) 
  • Have completed the relevant PMET requirements for the substantive rank held 
  • Be assessed as a minimum of suitable for representational duties in the last PAR 
  • Be individually ready 

Applying for Fellowships

Applications will be accepted after the EOI is released by DP-AF. Applications are to be submitted via the ANYA ANYO Position Nomination Application Form located on the DP-AF website

Refer to the CAF Fellowship Application Guide for specific information on what is required in the application.

More information about the fellowship can be obtained from Ms Sandra Finney at the APDC, ph (02) 6128 7051 or via email.

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