Chief of Air Force Air Power Fellow

UNSW@ADFA position

In December 2008 CAF approved the establishment of a full time position at UNSW@ADFA: Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Air Power Studies. The intent was provide an academic position at ADFA that would deliver semester-long air power courses to undergraduate students as well as elective courses to both undergraduate and post graduate students. The position description was later amended to read Chief of Air Force Air Power Fellow to allow for the creation of the position under Air Force establishment at the O4 – O5 level.

The position is currently occupied by Group Captain Callum Brown. Through this position, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at ADFA currently offers two undergraduate courses [Application of Air Power] and [Air Power in Small and Irregular Wars] and one postgraduate course [Air Power in the 21st Century]. These courses are open to any student within ADFA.

Information regarding these courses is available through the ADFA online yearly Handbooks: [Undergraduate] and [Postgraduate].

For an Air Force that values education and professional mastery, the role of air power education for RAAF junior officers is of vital importance in developing a level of air power expertise. The courses offered at ADFA through the CAF Fellow position are an important first step in building a coherent foundation of professional air power education. These courses are specifically designed to complement the ADFA Academy Military Education and Training (AMET) syllabus, the RAAF PMET program, and the Advanced Air Power course offered through the Air Power Development Centre.

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