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Previous Chief of Air Force Fellowship Topics

Below are some of the previous topics discussed. Please visit the Fellowship Papers section of the Centre's publications catalogue to view what's available.

*     Effects-Based Targeting: The Future of Targeting for the Royal Australian Air Force
*     Military Experimentation - Hallmark of Professionalism
*     Where to From here? - A Roadmap for RAAF/JSDF Force Engagement
*     Postmodern Tactical Air Intelligence
*     Preparedness and the Maintenance Function
*     Professional Military Learning
*     Retention vs Attrition - Does the RAAF have the correct target in its sight?
*     Does the Law Really Matter? The Role of the Law of Armed Conflict in Contemporary Air Operations
*     Air Power Doctrine Education - A Social Critical Perspective
*     Humane Warfare - A Practice of Military Ethics
*     Policy, professionalism and the public
*     The Fight Against Transnational Crime
*     Winning with Australian Air Power in Diverse Cultures
*     What Makes Techos Tick: The Human Factor in ADF Aviation Maintenance Capablility
*     Air Force or Air Corps? Does New Zealand Need an Independent Air Force in a Joint Environment?
*     The Argument for a Cooperative of SE Asian Air Power
*     Air Command: Operational Level Air Power Doctrine
*     Air Power Doctrine Education
*     Consultation, Public Opinion and Defence Policy in Australia and New Zealand, 1995-2001
*     Small Air Force's Modernisation: The Development of Air Bases Support System
*     Strategic Air Operations for Small Air Forces
*     The Role of Airlift for an Archipelagic State: Aircraft in Support of the National Interest
*     The Strength From Within: Airmen - the under-utilised asset
*     Battlespace Management and Operations in Relation to Air Power
*     Air Command: Operational Level Air Power Doctrine
*     The Applicability of UAVs to the ADF
*     The Future Role of Airmen in Air Defence
*     Aircraft Technical Trade Development: An Airman's Perspective
*     Command and Control of Battlefield Helicopters
*     Crime and Australia's Security
*     Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C)
*     Air Base Survivability and Post-Attack Recovery
*     Operations Security
*     The Contribution of Small Air Forces to Multi-national Air Operations
*     Into the Fourth Dimension: An ADF Guide to Space
*     The Potential of Satellites for Wide Area Surveillance of Australia
*     Human Factors in Air Force Combat Effectiveness
*     This is Not a Game: Wargaming for the Royal Australian Air Force

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