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Air-Sea Battle (ASB) Concept Annotated Bibliography

As described in Pathfinder 207, the May 2013 release of Air-Sea Battle: Service Collaboration to Address Anti-Access & Area Denial Challenges is the first unclassified, official summary of the classified ASB concept, detailing how the US will deal with extant—and emerging—anti access/area denial (A2AD) capabilities.

In an attempt to capture the growing volume of literature and commentary surrounding ASB, this reference site identifies over 150 papers, articles, opinions and perspectives on ASB. The material contained within the various publications and websites discusses the genesis, substance, and rationale behind the ASB concept from a number of different perspectives, including American, Australian, Canadian and Chinese.

For simplicity, this reference site has been separated into four areas, with each area sorted from the most recent to the oldest publication date:

  1. Short Articles - generally no longer than 5 pages.
  2. China Papers - articles and academic papers focused on China, US-China, A2AD and ASB.
  3. Longer Papers - academic papers, government documents, and think-tank papers.
  4. Web Links - provides over 65 opinions, possible alternatives and commentaries supporting, clarifying or denouncing ASB
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