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Chief of Air Force (CAF) Speeches

Deputy Chief of Air Force (DCAF) Speeches

A 5th-Generation Air Force: Alliance Structures and Networked Capabilities, Washington, USA 11 May 2017
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The P-8A Poseidon Roll-out Ceremony, Seattle Washington, USA 27 September 2016

Battle of Britain Cenotaph - ‘A Matter of Duty’18 September 2016

Battle of Britain Commemorative Dinner - ‘In Moving to a Preferred Future’17 September 2016

Unveiling of the Spitfire Display, RAAF Museum16 September 2016

Presentation of Meritorius Unit Citation to No 5 Flight12 September 2016

ASPI National Security Dinner: "A Ten Year Plan: An Air Force Strategy" 19 July 2016

2016 RAAF Air Power Conference Keynote Address - Day 2 16 March 2016

Sea Power Conference 06 October 2015
Key themes: Australia's geo-strategic context from a RAAF perspective; RAAFs transformation; achieving joint effects

Jericho Innovation Seminar 06 August 2015
Key themes: Plan Jericho, First Principles Review, enhancement of joint combat power.

Address to the RUSI Air Power Conference, London 16 July 2015
Key themes: Recent operations, 5th generation technology, Plan Jericho.

Address to the William's Foundation 10 June 2015
Key themes: 5th generation technology, Plan Jericho.

ANZAC Day Address 25 April 2015
Key themes: Hellfire Pass, Thailand.

RAAF Birthday, 2015 - Evening Remarks 31 March 2015
Key themes: A reflection on where RAAF has come from and its future direction.

RAAF Birthday, 2015 31 March 2015
Key themes: A reflection on where RAAF has come from and its future direction.

Address to the Senior Leadership Forum 24 March 2015
Key themes: Reflections on leadership.

Launch of Plan Jericho, CAF Symposium, Melbourne 23 February 2015
Key themes: Plan Jericho and the transformation of the Air Force and ADF.

Speech to the Australian Defence Magazine Annual Conference 10 February 2015
Key themes: Integrating new technologies into the Air Force and ADF, Working with Defence Industries, Plan Jericho.

Speech to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute 19 August 2014
Key themes: Perspectives on the Role of Air Power in a Changing World.

The F-35 in ADF Service 29 May 2014
Key themes: F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, Super Hornet, 5th generation capabilities

Eulogy: Air Chief Marshal (Ret'd) Sir Neville McNamara KBE, AO, AFC 15 May 2014
Delivered at the funeral held at St. Christopher's Cathedral in Canberra.

Opening Address for the 2014 RAAF Air Power Conference 12 March 2014
Key themes: The centenary of aviation and the launch of the 6th edition of The Air Power Manual.

Keynote Address to the Williams Foundation 11 March 2014
Key themes: The future of air combat operations.

Air Force – Respected, Reliable, Relevant 10 Oct 2013
Key themes: The Royal Australian Air Force shaping its security environment through raising, training and sustaining capabilities that deliver air power across a spectrum of operations.

Battle of Britain 73rd Anniversary Commemoration Dinner 7 Sep 2013
Key themes: honouring the memories and achievements of those Air Force personnel who served in the Battle of Britain.

Transition to Contingency: A view from the Indo-Pacific, RAF Air Power Conference – 17 July 2013
Key themes: developing flexible capabilities to respond to the changing strategic environment; advanced operational bases of the Pacific islands during World War II; the Five Power Defence Arrangement (FPDA); RAAF response to Boxing Day Tsunami; flexibility of the AP-3 Orion in Iraq and Afghanistan.

SECFOR Inauguration Parade – 04 July 2013
Key themes: Security Force Squadron Parade; establishment of three new security force squadrons.

Unmanned Air Systems and Australia's Air Power, Williams Foundation Seminar – 03 July 2013
Key themes: Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) and the RAAF, the moral debate surrounding unmanned air systems.

Bomber Command 2013 Commemorative Day Lunch Address – 02 June 2013
Key themes: Bomber Command, air power in World War II, Empire Air Training Scheme, relationship with industry and technology, control of the air, air power doctrine.

Air Power’s Role in Generating a Potent Land Force – Land Warfare Conference – 31 Oct 2012
Key themes: Why the Joint Strike Fighter; Why 100 JSF; air land integration; maritime strategy; potent land force; balanced force; air power roles; Control of the Air; Iraq 2003; potent land force.

Air Land Integration in the Maritime Century - Williams Foundation - 13 Sep 2012
Key themes: Effects; basing; engagement; strategic shaping; amphibious operations; air combat numbers; communications; common language; doctrine; simulation; exercises; training.

The Role of the RAAF in Australia's National Security - RUSI - 26 Jul 2012
Key themes: Balanced priorities; maritime strategy; maritime commons; engagement; national interests; enduring air power roles, air mobility; strike; ISR; control of the air; balanced force; 5th generation.

Air Power in the Australian Maritime Context - ASPI Dinner - 5 Jun 2012
Key themes: Australian military maritime strategy; air power roles; MacArthur’s Island hopping campaign; Why 5th generation; MEAO combat air patrols; Red Flag.

Air Power’s Role in Coercive Diplomacy - Air Power Conference - 10 May 2012
Key themes: History; Libya; strategic environment; coercive diplomacy; weapon of first choice; air diplomacy; engagement; scalable air power operations; Growler; Why 5th Generation fighters; JSF.

Air Power’s Role in Australia’s Maritime Strategy - Williams Foundation - 13 Apr 2012
Key themes: Maritime grand strategy; ADF’s maritime military strategy; maritime commons; shape, deter, and respond; roles of air power; Air Force 2030, Joint Strike Fighter; JSF; Workforce.

Air Power’s Contribution to Naval Operations - Sea Power Conference - 31 Jan 2012.
Key themes: Roles of air power; Anti-Surface Warfare (ASuW); Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW); Strike; Control of the Air; Air Mobility; Amphibious Operations.

2012 Bomber Command Memorial Dedication

2012 Heritage Awards

2012 RAAF Birthday - Memorial Grove

2012 Runnymede Memorial

2011 Arthur Butler Memorial Lecture

2011 CAF Handover Takeover Parade

Defining a 5th Generation Fighter - Dubai Air Chiefs Conference - 12 Nov 11
Key themes: Generation 4.5; 5th generation; stealth; situation awareness; network; decision superiority; complexity; training, 5th generation missions; transition issues; combat survivability.

2011 RAAF Birthday - Memorial Grove

2011 RAAF History Conference - Opening Address

2010 Battle of Britain

2009 Battle of Britain

2009 RAAF Birthday - Memorial Grove

2009 RAAF Birthday - War Memorial


Opening Address - Chief of Air Force Symposium - 27 February 2017 

Gender Conference - 16 Sept 2016 

No 3 Squadron Memorial Plaque Dedication - 11 February 2016 

Annual Services Golf Day - 23 April 2015 

RAAF 94th Anniversary Reception, Hobart - 27 March 2015 

Close the Gap Day Breakfast - 17 March 2015 

Integrating Air Force (CAF Symposium) - 23 February 2015 
Key themes: Plan Jericho

Order of Australia Association - 8 October 2014
Key themes: generational change in the RAAF over the next decade

Air Power Conference Closing Address - 13 March 2014
Key themes: Australian Security in the Asia-Pacific Region; 5th Generation Force Capabilities

Australian Defence Magazine Congress - 26 Feb 2014
Key themes: Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) in the military context

Air Force Birthday Address - 27 March 2013

Air Power Conference Summation - 11 May 2012
Key themes: Coercive diplomacy; scalable, proportional and discriminatory; Arab Spring; air power provides options; beyond kinetic effects; force projection; ISR; precision as the norm; capacity has a quality of its own; collateral damage; engagement.

Air Power Conference Introduction - 10 May 2012

Address to the NSAA Tasmanian Branch Commemoration Day - 18 March 2012

Capability and the Global Air Force - RAAF Washington Ball - 18 Mar 2011
Key themes: Tradition, innovation and evolution; history; WWI; WWII; Milne Bay; Iraq 2003; 3 SQN; maintainers; maintenance; engineering; teamwork.

2011 Bomber Command Commemorative Day - 5 Jun 2011
Key themes: Bomber Command; duty; self sacrifice; dedication; moral fibre; courage; legacy transcends the ages; Tradition, innovation and evolution; people are the heart of the mission; cost of training.

2011 Air Force Birthday - War Memorial - 31 Mar 2011
Key themes: Tradition, innovation and evolution; WWII; transitional complexity; global reach.

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