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Air Power Trainer's Course


The Air Power Trainers’ Course (APTC) is designed for PMET air power instructors from No.1 Recruit Training Unit, Officer Training School and School of Post Graduate Studies. However, APDC would be interesting in conducting an APTC for other units/organisations should we be approached.

The APTC refreshes air power knowledge by updating and enhancing the understanding of air power, covering the following topics:

  • Doctrine
  • Strategy
  • History
  • Capability
  • Space
  • Future and
  • Professional mastery

Conducted at the APDC in Canberra, APTC consists of three and a half days of classroom instruction in the form of guided discussion and theory presentations delivered by Air Force SMEs, and a guided tour of the Australian War Memorial.


Individuals can nominate for the BAPC by submitting an BAPC Nomination form and emailed to

Basic Air Power Seminar

The purpose of the Basic Air Power Seminar (BAPS) is to provide Air Force personnel with an introduction or refresher on the basics of air power- the stuff all airmen should know. 

APDC Education Section provides air power instruction over one or one and a half days at your location. Main themes of the instruction include air power history, doctrine and strategic overview and professional mastery. 

The one and a half day version culminates in a number of activities and a case study designed to develop understanding of how air power doctrine is employed in different scenarios. 

The BAPS can also be tailored to meet a unit’s specific needs. Unlike all other APDC courses, BAPS is not PMKeyS reportable.

Travel funding may be required for seminars conducted outside of Canberra. 


Individuals can nominate for the BAPC by submitting an BAPC Nomination form and emailed to .

Other Professional Development Options

As outlined in our first primary task, the APDC Education Section staff manage and conduct air power education that complements PMET.  We are here to provide air power professional development to individuals and units. APDC Education section has the ability to tailor specific air power professional development to suit the needs of your unit. 

Please contact the Education Section staff to discuss your needs.