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Air Power Seminar: Australian Defence Space Projects

The next Air Power seminar looks at Defence space capabilities and how it engages with other space industry and academic entities.

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The CAF essay competition has launched for 2019 and a CAF message will be released shortly.

The winner will be announced at the 2020 Air Power Conference in March and entries will close early 2020.

Hit the link below for full details and submission requirements.

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Latest Events

  • High Speed Systems and Responsive Space Access



    In this seminar Alexander Ziegeler from Defence Science & Technology Group will speak on the recent developments in rocket propellants, materials and design for air and space power applications.

    Ngunnawal Theatre, Russell Offices

  • Antarctica - Logistics on the Ice



    The logistics of managing a supply chain that stretches 3500kms across the Southern Ocean to the coldest, windiest and driest continent on earth. 

    Ngunnawal Theatre, Russell Offices

  • Understanding and Dealing With the Problem of Space Debris



    Dr. William Schonberg presentation wil focus on the issue of space debris. Where it came from, how much is out there and what its impact will be in the future

    Ngunnawal Theatre, Russell Offices