Medical staff returned from Gulf War

Eleven days after Iraq invaded its oil-rich neighbour Kuwait on 2 August 1990, an RAN Task Group of three ships sailed from Australia to join an international effort to enforce UN maritime sanctions in the Persian Gulf. In support of the overall naval operation, a 40-strong medical support element was also deployed which had been drawn from across the Australian Defence Force (including eight RAAF members). This became an integral part of the US Navy’s hospital ship Comfort, one of the largest (69 000 tonnes) and most advanced trauma facilities in the world. The ship remained on station until after the Gulf War, when UN forces expelled the Iraqis from Kuwait at the end of February 1991, although casualties from combat were light and Comfort treated only a small number of patients. On this day, the ADF medical group was returned to Australia from Bahrain by RAAF C-130.

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