Changeover of Administrators on Norfolk Island

On this day, retired Air Commodore E.T. (‘Ted’) Pickerd, OBE, DFC, succeeded Air Commodore R.N. (‘Bob’) Dalkin, DFC, as Administrator of the Commonwealth Territory of Norfolk Island. Air Commodore Dalkin’s appointment in July 1968 was the first time that the Australian Governor-General-in-Council had selected a former RAAF officer for the island’s top post. The subsequent appointment of Air Commodore Pickerd marked the first time that two former Air Force officers succeeded one another in an Australian State or Territory executive government appointment. Air Commodore Pickerd served as Administrator until 1976. Another former RAAF officer, Air Vice-Marshal R.E. (‘Ray’) Trebilco, AO, DFC, was also later appointed as the island’s Administrator and served in that position from 1982 until 1985. All three men acquitted themselves well in this unique executive office and capped off their successful RAAF careers with service as a representative of the Crown.

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