RAAF squadron joined Berlin Airlift

On this day, the 10 Australian Dakota crews contributed to the Berlin Airlift in an unnumbered RAAF ‘squadron’ (see 25 August) arrived from Britain at Blankensee airfield outside the north German city of Lübeck to begin flying operations. Problems with the availability of transports meant that the 41 personnel were obliged to travel in two groups, and by the time the second group reached their new base in midafternoon, the unit’s Commanding Officer, Squadron Leader C.A. (‘Cy’) Greenwood, had already flown the contingent’s first mission in the Airlift––delivering 3300 kg of flour into Berlin. This marked the commencement of an effort which continued, virtually without relief, for the next 11 months. Although 16 members of the 86 Wing contingent returned to Australia in March 1949, only six replacements had been sent. Another 11 members of the RAAF served in the Airlift, but these flew separately with RAF squadrons.

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