Lincolns made best strike in Malayan Emergency

After a jungle camp used by Communist Terrorists was identified in swampy country in the Kluang-Renggam area of central Johor, Malaya, Australian and British aircraft launched Operation Kingly Pile on this day. Seven Lincoln bombers of No 1 Squadron, RAAF, led by Wing Commander Ken Robertson, were followed by a second wave of four Canberra jet bombers of No 12 Squadron, RAF. The Australian aircraft, after dropping 98 450-kilogram bombs in the target area, returned to base at Tengah, Singapore, rearmed, and made a second strike later in the day. Ground troops who later entered the area found the camp appeared to have contained 21 members of the 7th Independent Platoon, Malayan Races Liberation Army. The bodies of 14 of these were identifiable, including the notorious political commissar of southern Johor. The raid was the most successful of more than 4000 sorties flown by the Australian Lincolns in Malaya between 1950 and 1958.

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