464 Squadron raided Gestapo in Copenhagen

Following the successful attack on Aarhus (see 31 October), Danish Resistance leaders requested a strike against the headquarters of the German Gestapo located in the five-storey ‘Shellhus’ (the prewar Shell Oil offices) in Copenhagen. Six Mosquitoes of No 464 Squadron, RAAF, comprised the second of three waves for the attack mounted on this day. To avoid a long flight over Germany, aircraft taking part were sent from France back to England, to begin the attack from Fersfield, Norfolk. After a rough crossing of the North Sea at low level, the attack was delivered at 11.14 am. Early hits on the target building soon had it ablaze; however, the crash of one of the attacking aircraft into a city boulevard caused confusion among later-arriving crews––some of whom bombed the burning wreckage. More than 150 civilian casualties were caused, including more than 80 children killed in a school.

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