Williams produced air strategy for Australia

In a 68-page document titled ‘Memorandum regarding the Air Defence of Australia’ dated this day, the RAAF’s senior officer, Wing Commander Richard Williams, presented to Government a plan for exploiting air power in the sea and air approaches which constitute Australia’s natural defensive barrier. His scheme, which amounted to a detailed concept of operations, dealt with issues such as the nation’s strategic setting, the air strength of Japan as Australia’s main potential adversary in the Pacific, a proposed structure for the Air Force, technical and personnel matters, logistics, costs, local aircraft production, and training. Underpinning Williams’ arguments was the contention that the lack of official attention shown towards the Air Force was inconsistent with the national interest, but the program of rectification he proposed was too costly and could only have been accommodated at the expense of the Navy. The memorandum was simply ignored by the Government.

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