‘Air Force blue’ uniform re-introduced into the RAAF

On this day, the Chief of Air Force Advisory Committee approved the introduction of a new-look Service Dress uniform for RAAF personnel. The change involved replacing the then current blue-grey coloured uniform (adopted in 1972) with a dark blue shade, now called ‘Air Force blue’. This was the same colour as the first RAAF uniform introduced into use early in 1922. The Service’s senior officer at that time, Wing Commander (later Air Marshal Sir) Richard Williams, recounted in his memoirs of having found the colour during a visit to the Commonwealth Woollen Mills at Geelong, Victoria, where he observed serge material being dipped into indigo dye to produce navy blue. He liked the shade achieved one dip short of the required five, and chose that shade for the RAAF. The reintroduction of Air Force blue returned the RAAF to the distinctive colour of the Service’s first 50 years.


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