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Against the Odds - Escapes & Evasions by Allied Airmen, World War II

  • Published: 1 June 2005
  • Author: Murray Adams (ed)
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The stories contained in this collection are mostly first person accounts of evasions or escapes during World War II. Some are simple tales of unaided walking through the enemy's lines during the confusion of battle, while others are narratives of well-planned and clever deceptions that led to freedom. These accounts by mainly Australian airmen demonstrate adherence to 'the duty to escape' obligation and admirable fortitude, endurance, courage and considerable ingenuity.

Most of the escapes were made possible by the efforts of those who gave shelter and guidance to hundreds of airmen 'on the loose'. These people gave this help unselfishly and in the knowledge that if betrayed, or caught in the act, they would face death, torture, or imprisonment at a concentration camp. Every escaper or evader was conscious of a tremendous debt to these modest civilians, whose courage was no less than that displayed by highly decorated servicemen trained in the profession of arms.