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AAP1000-F   The Future Air and Space operating Concept

AAP1000-F The Future Air and Space operating Concept

Publish Date: May 2008
Author(s): RAAF
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The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has been the principal source of air power for the ongoing security of Australia and its interests for nearly a century. As we move further into the new millennium, Air Force will remain Australia’s foremost force for the creation of military effects from and in the air, and will be a partner in the introduction of new space-based systems to support terrestrial operations.
Between now and 2025 the Defence Capability Plan (DCP) will deliver to Air Force many major new capability systems. The Future Air and Space Operating Concept (FASOC) 2007 is intended to provide a preferred aim point for Air Force’s transition to our future force. To that end, this edition of FASOC is focused on realising the potential of the planned 2006–2016 DCP force, from the DCP’s latter years, where firm capability decisions are yet to be made, through to about 2025.
FASOC is intended as a practical product centred on Air Force’s considered view of its future within Australia’s envisaged military operational context. It is not an esoteric think-piece about far-future conflict, nor is it a commentary on the current Air Force. FASOC will serve to focus decision-making to our strategic intent. To that end, FASOC describes Air Force’s developmental imperatives and preferences from both the operational and organisational dimensions. The operational dimension represents Air Force’s ends, and the organisational dimension the means of achieving them. FASOC focuses mainly on the operational dimension, but also addresses some organisational aspects. FASOC will remain dynamic to reflect external changes that impinge on Air Force, and internal changes that Air Force generates from its own consideration of best practice.
FASOC does not exist in isolation, but is an integral component of emergent Air Force and joint Australian Defence Force (ADF) doctrine. Within Air Force, FASOC is part of its doctrine series that includes The Air Power Manual (Fifth Edition) and a partner historical analysis, The Australian Experience of Air Power. Together, these three publications synthesise Air Force’s doctrinal future, present and past. As well, FASOC, the Navy’s Future Maritime Operating Concept and the Army’s Future Land Operating Concept provide the environmental concepts that underpin the ADF’s development of future joint operational concepts.

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