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Air Power Doctrine Education: A Social Critical Perspective

Air Power Doctrine Education: A Social Critical Perspective

Publish Date:  2004
Author(s): Stephen Pickard
ISBN 10: 0 642 46570 4
Price: $14.80 (for hard copy) Electronic download only

Air power education is a crucial component of the core military training that all RAAF members receive. It is attempting to educate Air Force personnel in the fundamental principles that guide the use of air assets in the defence needs of Australia. Since the inception of formal air power education in 1992 it has been a contentious topic and the subject of several studies and numerous reviews and redevelopments.

This study was completed as part of the Chief of Air Force Fellowship program. The study begins with an historical account of the development of air power doctrine and the dissemination of doctrine through air power education. The importance of air power education is highlighted by analysing this indoctrination component of core military training, in the context of contemporary management theory and how it contributes to organisational effectiveness.

The research attempts to highlight the importance of air power education and illuminate the environment where this education occurs. Using a social critical perspective is somewhat radical for a military setting, however, it does provide a holistic examination of the meaning individuals apply to their experience and how that experience contributes to knowledge of air power and motivation for lifelong learning. The social critical perspective allows the researcher to look at the various forms air power education takes and question not only the actual materials and outcomes, but also educational structures, hierarchies and policies.

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