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OBOE - Air Operations Over Borneo 1945

OBOE - Air Operations Over Borneo 1945

Publish Date:  1995
Author(s): Gary Waters
ISBN 10: 0 642 22590 7
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This book analyses the air operations over Borneo in 1945 as part of the series of joint operations known as Oboe. The lead-up to the Oboe operations is discussed as an essential precursor, describing the situation at the time. Each of the three operations - Tarakan Island, Labuan Island-Brunei Bay, and Balikpapan - is discussed in turn, with a focus on the phases of the operations, the air support and fighter control organisations, and administration (including logistics, medical and personnel issues).

Armed with this holistic view of air operations themselves and the supporting operations, the book draws together the principle operations. The final chapter analyses the doctrine of the time and assesses the degree to which the observations accord with the doctrine.

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