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The War in the Air (2nd edition, 2009)

The War in the Air (2nd edition, 2009)

Publish Date: May 2009
Author(s): Alan Stephens (ed.)
ISBN 13: 9781920800413
Price: $15.00 (for hard copy)

From the first time that aircraft were used as weapons of war, control of these assets has been contentious and air power has been a controversial subject.

In March 1994, the Royal Australian Air Force held an international conference on the theme ‘The War in the Air 1914-1994’ where some of the world’s leading air power scholars and practitioners examined this most potent form of combat power from World War I to the First Gulf War. They also examined the possible future applications of air power. The proceedings of the conference, when published, became an instant ‘best seller’. It was instituted as required reading in a number of strategy and air power courses across the world.

This second edition of the proceedings contains only the papers presented and selected transcripts of discussions that followed. This book in its current form will be a definitive reference for all students of air power.

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