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Seven Perennial Challenges to Air Forces

Seven Perennial Challenges to Air Forces

Publish Date: November 2009
Author(s): Sanu Kainikara
ISBN 13: 9781920800437
Price: $8.00 (for hard copy) Electronic download only

In contemporary conflict, air forces are being increasingly compelled to operate under constraints that impair their effectiveness, while at the same time having to confront asymmetric threats and diffused adversaries. The effective employment of air power is an intricate, complex and multi-faceted process that can be adversely affected by these constraints.

This book identifies and explains seven perennial challenges that air forces face in the generation, sustainment and application of air power in the pursuit of national security.  These constraints range from environmental factors, demographic changes, impact of the media and political imperatives, to the national ethos regarding attrition tolerance and the unacceptability of collateral damage. The topics covered are diverse and broad but impact critically on the optimum employment of air forces.

This book is essential reading not only for air power professionals but also for those involved in enhancing national security through analysis and informed debate.   

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