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Skylarks - The Lighter Side of Life in the RAAF in World War II

  • Published: 16 June 1997
  • Author: J. Eric Brown
  • Price: NOT FOR SALE
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Skylarks reveals for the first time how many of the RAAF coped with that four fifths or more of their time between enlistment and discharge when they weren't busy fighting. You may be amazed at some of the unofficial things they did which were never reported. Nearly one hundred stories from all around the world, mostly humorous, told by the perpetrators. All are true, with just for fun, a chapter on 'Line Shoots'. Read how a Japanese garrison unofficially surrendered to 'Ned Kelly'. Enjoy the largest unofficial RAAF party ever when 4000 troops jumped ship from the Aquitania at Cape Town. Imagine an inpromptu parachute auction in teeming Djakarta. Try swapping a wimpy for a Matilda. Build sailboats between ops at Algiers; why it was different in Russia. Envy the 'Tough War in Nassau', with the Duke of Windor (but someone had to do it!).