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Units of the RAAF - Volume 7 - Maintenance Units

  • Published: 30 June 1995
  • Author: Royal Australian Air Force
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This book is the seventh in a 10 volume set describing the concise history of the units of the Royal Australian Air Force between 1921 and 1996. It was was published and launched as part of the RAAF's 75th birthday in 1996. 

During World War II many crashed aircraft were salvaged, repaired and returned to service by maintenance crews working long hours, often under fire and with next to nothing in the way of technical facilities. Volume 7, Maintenance Units, tells the story of those technicians whose work began with the wood and fabric aircraft of the 1920s and has progressed to the high technology carbon fibres and complex electronics of a modern air force. It is these technicians who have upheld the RAAF's 75-year history of technical excellence.