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Frequently Asked Questions

I meet the eligibility criteria, but will I be suitable with my level of experience?

Members considering applying to undertake any of the online courses should read the course outline and if they still have questions they can contact the APDC Education section staff.  Members looking to complete the AAPC should already have an established knowledge of basic air power principles. A suitable foundation would usually come from several years experience in an air power-related role either in the Air Force, another service, the ADO or industry. Those without this foundation should delay applying until they have gained a general understanding of air power. Familiarity with the contents of AAP1000-DóThe Air Power Manual provides an excellent start point. 

The course is particularly suited to members conducting or intending to undertake postgraduate strategic studies, defence studies or similar. Importantly however, the course is NOT an accredited course - credit towards undergraduate or postgraduate courses cannot be obtained.

I would like to do the course, but I’m not sure if I can dedicate the time?
Can I obtain credit points towards my undergraduate or postgraduate studies?
Are course results recorded on PMKeys?
Can the APDC come to my unit to present air power professional development?