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The Art of Air Power: The Strategies of Air Power Course

Course Convenor

GPCAPT Philip Edwards is the course convenor.


The Strategies of Air Power Course (SAPC) is concerned with the development of air power doctrine which is guidance for the future.  It focusses on air campaigning and the need for air power doctrine to keep pace with technological advances, legislative changes and the expectations of government.
The SAPC builds on the knowledge gained on the Fundamentals of Air Power Course (FAPC) by reviewing specific historical air campaigns to assess how air power was used, its successes and failures, and by making links between factual events and air power doctrine. 


The SAPC is open to all ADF junior officers, warrant officers and senior non-commissioned officers and Defence Public Servants from APS3 to APS6. While priority will be given to RAAF members, nominations from Navy and Army personnel are welcome. Selected overseas students will also be panelled for the course.   
Note: Completion of the FAPC in the first instance is preferred.
The SAPC is generally conducted four times each year.


The topics covered in the course are:

  1. Vietnam War;

  2. Arab-Israeli conflicts;

  3. Indo-Pakistan Wars;

  4. Falklands War;

  5. Gulf Wars;

  6. Libya, Afghanistan and Syria.


There are two assessment areas in this course: participation in weekly online discussions, which require input from each course member to the academic supervisor for the six weekly tutorials, and one paper of 1500 words. It is compulsory to obtain passes in both assessment areas in order to achieve an overall pass in the course.

Course program

The course runs for approximately nine weeks. 
Week 1:         Admin week.
Weeks 2-7:    Weekly tutorials.
Weeks 8-9:    Assignment writing.
Week 9:         Assignment submission.

Course schedule

The tutorial active weeks open at 0001 on a Friday and close at 2330 the following Sunday (10 Days). The admin week is your time to test your login and add your welcome comments to test the forum. Your participation in the weekly tutorials can be added at any stage during that tutorial's active week. Access to the online course can be gained through any device that has connection to the internet.

Course completion

On successful completion of the SAPC, a graduation certificate will be issued and for ADF members PMKeyS reporting will follow.  


Academic supervision is provided by Group Captain Phil Edwards. The course is coordinated by the APDC Education staff, who are the point of contact for further information.


Individuals can nominate for the SAPC through their Unit Training Co-ordinator or Orderly Room. The SAPC PMKeyS course code 215212.