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High Consequence Decision-Making

  • Release date: 24/10/2017

Military decisions carry high consequences, often life or death. An artillery shell or an anti-aircraft missile launched in the wrong circumstances can have devastating results. These decisions, and the process for making them, are the subject of Dirk Maclean’s new book, Shoot, Don’t Shoot: Minimising the Risk of Catastrophic Error Through High Consequence Decision-Making.

Dr Dirk Maclean, an industry consultant and trainer in the field of incident and crisis management, uses actual military events as case studies to illustrate the concept of high consequence decision-making with the aim of providing a framework for any organisation dealing in environments where the consequences of decisions and errors can be catastrophic. It is a companion publication to the highly successful consequence decision-making program that has been used by the RAAF for the last two years. 

This book was launched at the DDAAFS Aviation Safety Leadership Conference on the 24th October 2017 and is available for sale though the Air Power Development Centre website.

You can purchase the book (or download a free copy) here.

RRP $25.00

Dr Maclean will also be presenting a seminar on High Consequence Decision-Making on Thursday 23rd November at Russell Offices. Details, including registration, can be found here. A free copy of Dr Maclean's book will be available for those attending the seminar.