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  • Release date: 11/10/2017

The recent passing of AVM (Retd) Brent Espeland closes a chapter in the history of the Air Power Development Centre.  He served as the Director of the then Air Power Studies Centre during 1990-91. The Centre was created in the previous year and AVM Espeland’s professionalism as an exponent of air power together with his engaging personality and enduring smile were key to forging lasting relationships with many of Australia’s regional neighbours as well as the Centre gaining international recognition as a centre of excellence in air power development.  He was an experienced commander, having held unit and formation command twice as well as having tenure as the Air Officer Commanding Training Command and Deputy Chief of Air Force.

He continued his relationship with the APDC well into retirement. His contributions to the centre and the wider Air Force will continue to be recognised and he will be sadly missed.