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In June 2004 the Air Power Development Centre began publishing a fortnightly bulletin called Pathfinder. The purpose of this bulletin is to canvas issues of interest to the community involved with air power and RAAF history. 

The Pathfinder series covers a range of issue from: strategy, historical analyses, operations, administration, logistics, education and training, people, command and control, technology to name a few. Irrespective of subject though, Pathfinders will always be focused on the relevance to air power; they are not intended to be just a narrative but deliver a measure of analysis.

The Pathfinder title was chosen as a tribute to the World War II Pathfinder Force that operated within RAF Bomber Command from August 1942, forming an elite navigational group which preceded each raid and accurately illuminated the target area with incendiaries to permit visual bombing by the main force. The emblem adopted was the ‘Fiery Mo’ insignia that unofficially adorned the Hudson aircraft of No 6 Squadron, RAAF, in New Guinea during 1943.

Most Recent Issues

#355 Air Power in Effects-Based Warfare: Part 4 - Demonstrating Operational Decisiveness

#354 Air Power in Effects-Based Warfare: Part 3 - Challenges to Effectiveness

#353 Air Power in Effects-Based Warfare: Part 2 - Evoloving Application

#352 Air Power in Effects-Based Warfare: Part 1 - Historical Background

#351 The Enduring Enigma of Air Power

#350 New Thinking to Solve Old Challenges

#349 Air Power in Support of Civil Authority

#348 Strike in the Era of Anti-Access/Area Denial Postures

#347 The Pursuit of a Strategic Strike Capability

#346 Air Power and maritime Operations - 1 - A Historical Perspective

#345 Asymmetrical Aerial Threats part II: Threats and Responses

#344 No Highway in the Sky

#343 Asymmetrical Aerial Threats Part 1 - Understanding the Concept

#342 The Accuracy of Air-Delivered Weapons

#341 The Cost of Air Power

#340 Control of the Air - A Fututristic View

#339 Suppression of Enemy Air Defences - An Evolving Operational Concept

#338 Challenges to the Suppression of Enemy Air Defences

#337 A Case For Multi-Role Combat Aircraft

#336 Challenges to Modern Rotary Air Power

#335 The Concept of Expendable Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles

#334 ISR - The Debate Continues - Manned or Unmanned?

#333 The Influence of Air Power Maritime Warfare

#332 A Century of Air Power Thinking - Part 3 An Effects-Based Strategy

#331 A Century of Air Power Thinking - Part 2 Precise, Proportionate and Discriminate Power Projection

#330 A Century of Air Power Thinking - Part 1 Floundering in the Dark

#329 An Overarching View of an Air Campaign

#328 Did the Gulf War Set an Air Power Precedent?

#327 The Air Power Journey -  An Overview

#326 The Air Power Journey -  Part II - From Ubiquity to  Dominance

#325 The Air Power Journey -  Part I - From a Secondary to Ubiquitous Capability


Volume 9: Issues 289-324
Volume 8: Issues 253-288
Volume 7: Issues 217-252
Volume 6: Issues 181-216
Volume 5: Issues 145-180
Volume 4: Issues 109-144
Volume 3: Issues 73-108
Volume 2: Issues 37-72
Volume 1: Issues 1-36