The appointments below reflect the leadership team within the Air and Space Power Centre (as of 20 July 2021). If you are still unsure about who to approach, you can write to and the team will get back to you soon.


Picture of the Air and Space Power Senior Enlisted Leader
ASPC Executive Officer | Senior Enlisted Leader
David Turnbull
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Research and Engagement

The Research and Engagement team is primarily responsible for engagement across academia and for the provision of support to the various Fellows and Scholars that are appointed under the ASPC Research opportunities. This team also provides support for those wishing to contribute to Air and Space Power thinking.

The team includes:

A portrait of Deputy Director Research and Engagement
Deputy Director - Research and Engagement
Jacinta Caroll
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Strategic Appreciation and Options

The Strategic Appreciation and Options Team provide a capability for Chief of Air Force to critically assess and analyse strategic policy options and responses through the conduct of strategic 'war gaming'.

Deputy Director - Strategic Appreciation and Options
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The Doctrine team is responsible for the coordination of efforts to review existing and develop new Air Force specific and Joint Doctrine.

Portrait of Deputy Director Doctrine
Acting Deputy Director - Doctrine
Victoria Lewis
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Professional Mastery is at the core of the 2020 Air Force Strategy and seeks to support the joint force through the intellectual edge.

The Professional Mastery team is responsible for the design and development of Joint Professional Military Education related to Air Power and Space Power, and works with many of ASPC's partners to provide professional mastery opportunities.

The Professional Mastery team advocates for and guides through career learning, including analysis and design of the Air Power and Space Power training curriculum across Defence. The professional Mastery team also act as a standards management team for Air and Space Power Education.


A picture of Deputy Director Education
Deputy Director - Education
Leith Roberts
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