The ASPC mission is to develop, facilitate and disseminate thinking that informs policy and decision-making on Air and Space Power’s future focus, shape, and employment in support of national objectives.

AFSTRAT LOE2 focuses on developing an intelligent and skilled workforce, with ASPC delivering on this by providing opportunities for the contesting of air and space power concepts so that Air Force can derive and pursue the best options for the future.

To facilitate this, ASPC will periodically conduct blog competitions to generate ideas and arguments against specific topics and themes to drive targeted engagement and debate, with the first of these competitions being conducted over July – September 22. For each competition winner and identified high quality entries, ASPC will pursue opportunities through the Chain of Command for short secondments to ASPC to further explore concepts, produce a podcast, deliver a seminar, or to simply broaden strategic acumen.

Future Air and Space Power Contributions

The ever-changing character of war will continue to challenge traditional notions of military power and how it is generated and applied. It is important to ensure that air and space power contributions to the joint force evolve as required to remain relevant to whatever future threats and operating environments lie ahead.  What might an air or space power contribution look like in the future; beyond the planned force?

The military instrument of national power will always be used as part of whole-of-government efforts. It follows that air and space power must be thought of in terms of how it can contribute to the joint force for the purpose of attaining national objectives. Meeting this challenge requires innovative and creative thinking on the generation and employment of air and space power; this is the role of air and space power practitioners. Novel concepts need to be explored and tested against existing structures and assumptions to ensure air and space power is best prepared to contribute to the joint effects required to meet emerging and future strategic challenges across the entire spectrum of competition.

Air and Space Contributions

Submission requirements:

  • Word count of 500 up to a maximum of 1000
  • Font – Times New Roman or Arial
  • Minimum Font size – 12 point 
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  • File format – pdf

Submissions are to be into the ASPC inbox ( by COB Fri 30 Sep 22 to be in the running!