The Air Force Master Studies List has been developed to assist Air Force members seeking topics for research or discussion during formal or informal professional development activities.

The Air Force Master Studies List provides themes and questions that have been identified by Chief of Air Force as important to the future successful development of the Air Force. The themes and topics are suitable for research and analysis in the following contexts:

  • Chief of Air Force Essay Competitions;
  • Chief of Defence Force and Chief of Air Force Fellowship papers;
  • Essays on the Australian Command and Staff Course and Defence Strategic Studies Courses, and their overseas equivalents;
  • Papers submitted in Air Force Professional Military Education and Training; and
  • Study in relevant tertiary degree and post-graduate courses.

This third edition of the Air Force Master Studies List has seven themes: National Security and Air Power, Air Power in an Integrated Force, The People Dimension of Air Power, Air Power Generation and Sustainment, Air Power and the Strategy of Influence and Shaping, a 5th Generation Air Force and Beyond, and Air Power History and Lessons Learnt.