Peter Layton

The relationship between Australia and India is rapidly evolving, influenced in part by the changes across the Indo-Pacific region. This vast area, where more than half the people of the world live, is moving towards a new regional order, but what this will be is not yet decided. Australia and India intend to use their agencies to shape a favourable future for themselves in terms of greater prosperity and enhanced security. This paper initially reviews the contemporary Australia-India relationship with its newly created institutions and rapidly developing interactions. The second section considers some key present-day issues regarding prosperity were cooperation would be mutually advantageous: cyber, hydrogen energy, rare earths, and critical and emerging technology. The third section deliberates on security collaboration through discussing the two nations’ strategic focuses, the possibilities for increased defence interaction and a potential de-fence technology cooperation approach. The final section considers the longer-term aspirations of both nations and concludes that Australia may need to be as pragmatic as India. Future progress will require effort and with both nations’ limited resources, some tough prioritisations may be necessary.