The Air and Space Power Centre provides practical and effective analysis and advice on the strategic development of air and space power to the Chief of Air Force, the Royal Australian Air Force and its partners. 

How ASPC achieve this is outlined in "Pathway to the Stars"


A centre of excellence for Air and Space Power thinking, focussed on Australia's strategic circumstances.


To develop, facilitate and disseminate thinking that informs policy and decision-making on Air and Space Power’s future focus, shape, structure and employment in support of national objectives.


ASPC will pursue and deliver the following objectives in support of the mission:

  • Inform Decision Makers
  • Develop Intellectual Capital
  • Provide Pathways
  • Establish and Nurture Networks

Pathway to the Stars

Pathway to the Stars captures the above information and expands the lines of effort needed to realise our value proposition to Defence. Click on the image below to read about how ASPC will deliver.