Developing an intelligent and skilled workforce is central to extending the boundaries of how air and space power can be understood and applied in an era of strategic competition. Building an intellectual edge across Defence is critical—particularly in the technology-focused generation of air and space power—underpinned by educational and cultural revolution that drives creativity and develops tactical, operational, and strategic acumen. Air and Space Power In A Box is a professional development tool that targets exploration and discussion of a wide range of air and space power concepts, and builds complex scenarios that allows players to examine ways to creatively generate and employ air and space power.

It is a fundamental responsibility of Commanders and leaders at every level of Defence to develop air and space power professionals who intimately understand the nuances of the strategic environment and can craft and deliver tailored responses for the joint force. Developing an intelligent workforce and attaining an intellectual edge demands commanders and leaders foster behaviours that support curiosity, understanding, and learning within individuals and the organisation through formal and informal education. Command teams must ensure greater emphasis is given to ongoing formal and informal learning and development, so that air and space power practitioners possess the skills and strategic acumen needed to work within the joint force. Ostensibly, Air and Space Power In A Box is a pre-packaged resource for the targeted delivery of air and space power education, meaning commanders and leaders can quickly and easily facilitate the professional development of their workforce simply by utilising and promoting the tool within their Units.