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Hangar 46 the Podcast

Hangar 46 was launched in December of 2023 with the former Chief of Air Force Air Marshal Rob Chipman, AO, CSC as the first guest to hit the radio waves. Episodes are publically available on most podcast streaming apps. 

The aim of Hangar 46 is to have a casual, open and free flowing conversation in a relaxed setting about relevant topics surrounding air and space power including but not limited to: emerging challenges, international relations, technology, ethics, culture, workforce and more. 

The ASPC team’s mission for the podcast is a dynamic resource for the workforc and air/space power enthusiasts to engage with different aspects of the organisations virtually and gain insight, education and empowerment, as audience members and participants. 

History of the Hangar

Nestled on the edge opposite side of the runway from the Canberra Airport’s terminals, Hangar 46 sits next to 34SQN. In 1926, [“Old”] Parliament House was approaching the date it was set to have its grand opening. The RAAF flying display and guests weren’t able to land and park their aircraft at the small Northbourne Aviation Ground (now the Dickson Playing Fields). Major Henry Aloysius Petre, deemed a paddock in the Majura Valley area owned by the Campbell family, to be the perfect location to be a solution; on which the Canberra Airport, Brindabella Park and Fairbairn now sit. 

The Air and Space Power Centre team have called the hangar home since July of 2023 and have since welcomed many air and space power enthusiasts to collaborate and converse at the Centre. The team look forward to guests visiting and are excited for you to get the most out of it and listening to these episodes. 

Chief of Air Force Rob Chipman sitting in navy blue coloured arm chairs with air and space power centre pull up banners behind him. In front of him is a microphone on a stand
Former Chief of Air Force Air Marshal Rob Chipman as the first guest to join the Air and Space Power Centre team at Hangar 46.

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