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What Type of Media/Info Delivery Works For You?

We know, we get it, it's another survey! But we appreciate your time to help us better our content distribution.

ASPC is looking to learn more about how our readers and engagers take in information from us - what can we do next to strive for communication efficiency?

Let us know what works the best for you, maybe it's short videos, maybe it's printed media; tell us below.
Age Bracket:
Consumption Methods:
Can be from any platform - inclusive of listening via desktop app or mobile app
Watching videos (seminars, interviews, etc) with the video playing in sight, whether full attention or half is given
Having videos playing in the background but only consuming through audio and not watching
Written content found through publishing - e.g. ASPC's website
Written content found through subscribed email newsletters (either within then or using the newsletter as a pathway)
Using social media to check on new publishings/articles or news regardless of reading it on the platform or using social media to navigate to the website etc
Do you find information to consume through noticeboards, TV screens, posters etc?
Feel free to explain your information consumption methods and preferences here or if you would like to see any other methods used by ASPC in the future.
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