Defence Science Parnterships

Defence Science and Technology Group

ASPC works closely with Defence Science and Technology Group to identify appropriate Universities and Academic supervisors the enable the Air Force managed Fellowship and Scholar Programs within Australia.

Defence Science and Technology Group brings together interdisciplinary expertise from across Australia and around the world to address Defence and national security challenges.

Defence Science and Technology Group's role is to work closely with the Australian science, technology and innovation eco-system to deliver scientific advice and solutions that provide capability enhancement for Defence and the national security community.


Think Tank

Sir Richard Williams Foundation

The primary purpose of the Williams Foundation is to strengthen Australia’s national security by shaping and influencing policy decisions regarding Australia’s defence with an emphasis on air power.

The Foundation is not for profit and undertakes the following activities:

  • Conduct of a series of events and research activities using subject matter experts and senior government representatives
  • host and moderate Central Blue (a forum/blog) designed to promote informed discussion and debate about air power in Australia;
  • Sponsor a PhD Scholars and a Grants program that encourages future strategic leadership; and
  • Advocate air power policy development and professional development in government, industry and academia.

The Central Blue

Hosted by the Williams Foundation, The Central Blue is a forum designed to promote informed discussion of air power issues affecting Australia; and to enhance professional development of Air Force personnel in order to create a new generation of air power thinkers.

The Central Blue aims to promote informed discussion and debate of air power and related issues, including strategy, doctrine and organisational culture.

The Central Blue aims to enhance professional development of Air Force personnel by encouraging them to read, engage with and write about key issues related to air power and national security.

In 2021, WGCDR Ulas Yildirim had his paper "The Bedrocks of Deterrence" published by The Central Blue. The original paper remains available via The Central Blue. The audiobook of this paper has been developed by ASPC and, with the kind approval of The Central Blue, is available below.

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Air Force Innovation

Plan Jericho - At the Edge

Plan Jericho’s purpose is to give Air Force the edge to protect Australia from technologically sophisticated and rapidly morphing threats.

Plan Jericho will lead the pursuit of four augmented intelligence lines of effort to help realise the Air Force’s intention to create, accelerate, and harness competitive advantage:

  1. Autonomous processing to infuse machine processing power throughout the force to enhance decision-making quality and tempo.
  2. Advanced sensors to detect and track challenging targets in difficult environments.
  3. Combat cloud to optimise decision and action tempo by integrating the fifth-generation force and enabling resources from across the force to be distributed and applied as a unified whole.
  4. Human-machine augmentation to optimise individual and collective human and human-machine performance within a proactively developed ethical, moral, and legal framework.
Think Tank


Think Tank


Think Tank