what are Airbase Operations?

Air Base Protection: Aircraft are most vulnerable on the ground. Protecting them and the ground-based assets that enable air power is an integral part of employing air power in operations. Air base protection is achieved by a combination of protective air and surface forces, hardening, dispersal, camouflage, concealment and deception. Air base protection also includes measures taken to protect the ground support facilities of space-based systems.


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Air Base

Air bases involves numerous activities, including the provision of C2, logistics, runways, hangars, maintenance, fuel, communications, financial management, administration, intelligence, firefighting, policing, airfield engineering, medical and dental, legal and chaplaincy services, and contract support. As they are fixed, large and complex, air bases are highly vulnerable both to actions by an adversary as well as the environment and thus require proactive and extensive protection. They are also resource intensive to operate and require significant lead time to develop. Air operations are conducted from a variety of bases: