How does air power contribute to national power?

What is national Power? 

- Air power is an essential component of Australia’s national military power.

- Australia’s national security is premised on a whole-of-government approach across the national security community.

- The elements of shape, deter and respond form the conceptual framework for Air Force’s contribution to Australia’s military strategy.

- Defence has an enduring responsibility to generate, employ and sustain air power to secure Australia and its national interests.

- Air power plays a key role in the ADF’s ability to pursue an effects-based approach to national security.

- Legal, moral and ethical principles govern how Australia employs its military capabilities

Key Terms

Air Power

The ability of a nation to assert its will by projecting military power in, through and from the air domain.

National Power

National power is the total capability of a country to achieve its national objectives, devoid of external constraints and without being subject to coercion. It describes the capacity of a nation to enact its policies and its ability to face and defeat threats to its security and stability.