What is responsiveness in relation to air power and space power? Air and Space Power Air achieves its unique responsiveness by combining speed to deliver combat power rapidly and reach to achieve global presence though the employment of air power over large distances

Note: Response is a key part of AFSTRAT. AFSTRAT draws from the Chief of Air Force’s strategic assessment upon assuming command of Air Force, the Chief’s Intent, the 2020 Defence Strategic Update and Defence Planning Guidance 20/21.

AFSTRAT 2020 will outline the five Lines of Effort, and the subsequent strategic directions associated with Integrated Air and Space Power for the Joint Force.

1.       Delivering air and space power as part of the joint force

2.       Developing an intelligent and skilled workforce

3.       Deepening relationships, strengthening engagement

4.       Evolving Air Force culture

5.       Agile and coherent governance

Responsiveness can create an element of strategic surprise by attacking at a time and place of choice and achieving results out of proportion to the effort expended

Key Terms


The quality of reacting quickly and positively