A navy blue and sky blue half circle on the left with "leadership Enrichment program in a thought waterfall coming from a head on the right  closed with a quarter yellow circle.

Delivering against AFSTRAT LOE 2 – developing an intelligent and skilled workforce – the Leader Enrichment Program develops junior leaders at the CPL and FLGOFF rank by increasing their exposure to and engagement with the Air Force SLT, SELT and other selected presenters to build strategic acumen and foster innovative thinking.

Based on an over-arching “Command Team” philosophy that fosters command relationships within junior leaders, the program delivers four modules: supporting senior leaders; military and national power; disruptive innovation; and beyond the future force. The program is delivered online via Adele, with each of the four modules culminating in a presentation to DCAF, WOFF-AF and select principals. Module 3 (disruptive innovation) is delivered as a “shark tank” activity where the participants pitch innovative solutions to strategic problems to the “sharks” (DCAF, WOFF-AF, D-Jericho and DASPC).

The 2022 Leader Enrichment Program will run over a four month period, with two sessions for the year (Mar - Jun and Aug - Nov). Nominations for Session 1 are now open via the Leader Enrichment Program page!