A military force’s ability to ‘know’ their adversary and the environment in which they are operating is regarded as a key determinant in military success. In the vernacular of information age warfare this ability is represented by ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance). ISR is recognised as a key capability of the seamless Australian Defence Force envisioned in Joint Operations for the 21st Century, with airborne ISR playing a key role in the dynamic operating environment of the future.

This book complements the ADF’s current ISR capability development efforts by outlining a future airborne ISR concept designed to meet the needs of the future force envisioned in Joint Operations for the 21st Century.  It provides an appreciation of what airborne ISR must provide commanders across all operating domains and outlines an airborne ISR planning methodology that optimises the use of airborne ISR in the seamless ADF.

The airborne ISR concept outlined in this book provides a foundation on which the ADF can position itself to meet the challenges the future holds.