Air and space power are critical to the conduct of Australian air operations in ADF joint warfighting. Space capabilities can be considered as a joint force integrator that enables joint force effects. Air Force is vectoring its force design efforts towards realising the networked 5th generation Air Force. The communications, intelligence, and networking functions of the 5th generation Air Force are critically dependent on the continued and assured access to space, space situational awareness, and space-based services. 

The space domain exists beyond the altitude above the Earth where atmospheric effects on airborne objects are negligible. Space can be considered to be a separate operating domain to the air, land, maritime, and information domains, with its own unique defining characteristics, that shape and influence the designs for ADF combat systems and operations. 

The Air Power Development Centre has prepared this doctrine note to enable members to understand the fundamental benefits and constraints of using space effects to support ADF operations. I encourage you to read this doctrine note with a view to better understand your role in a space-enabled military organisation. Empower yourself to contribute to the thinking and concepts that are regularly being reviewed to assure that the current and future designs for Air Force will continue to reliably deliver the air and space power needed in the Joint Force.